xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Mrs Plopé by Willogs123


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January 13th 2014
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"This is Mrs Plopé from my 'Timmy Trimble' Animation. I've just finished her. She will be in the next scene which I've just started animating."

There are 3 comments about this creation.

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jan 13th 2014 7:45am

A great model Willogs 123! 

Emoleen Jan 14th 2014 4:24am

I like her glasses best.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Jan 15th 2014 6:24am

Fab model! Remember you can share your animations with the Aardman team over on the Animate It! website, a great place for budding animators to show their work and get tips from the experts. Take a look at http://www.animate-it.com/ We look forward to seeing the finished animation!

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