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January 13th 2014
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"The Gromit Unleashed trail had a special meaning for my family, as I'm sure it did for lots of other families, because one of our children is regularly treated by Bristol Childrens Hopsital which the event was in aid of. When I bought my Paint Your Own Gromit I wanted to capture not only how special the event felt to us but also the reason behind it.   Courage is inspired by the bravery and spirit of the children who stay or are treated at the hospital and is modelled on how my son looked during his last stay there. Courage wears his nautical themed, open back gown over blue bandaging on his torso and he keeps his paws warm with his fuzzy leopard print slippers. He has a bandage on his right front paw holding his drip tube in place and a plaster on his left paw where a previous drip had been. His orange and gold studded collar and orange plynth represent the floor my son was treated on while the multi colour glittered "Gromit Unleashed" logo represents the colourful theme of the hospital itself. Courage even mirrors my little ones sandy brown hair and unusual half brown/half blue eyes."

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jan 14th 2014 6:21am

This is a lovely and inspiring custom, well done and thak you for sharing it and your story.

knitknut Jan 14th 2014 4:07pm

Thanks for sharing your personal story and PYOG, "Courage", aptly named & beutifully painted . Best wishes.


katie   (Aardman Staff) Jan 15th 2014 6:22am

What an inspiring story - thank you for sharing it with us. 'Courage' is a very special creation that you've put so much time and love into. It's a fantastic expression of your personal story. Well done!

Kirkamon Feb 11th 2014 5:10pm

Thank you all ! I really wanted to sum up how special the GU event was and how much it means to people like us. The hospital are fantastic and help so many children like mine, all those brave little kiddies who still manage to smile no matter what they're going through. Supporting the event has been a real honour and joy last summer and even now as we add to our figurine collection

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