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September 17th 2007
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"I love modeling so i thought id put this picture on creation of the month. I used lewis newplast plasticine if anyone was wondering"

There are 13 comments about this creation.

crazy-monkey-dude Sep 18th 2007 7:23pm

i luv the suits!!!

anti-pesto Sep 20th 2007 4:39pm


jills Oct 5th 2007 6:28am

I like how the action comes across! Good show :)

anti-pesto Oct 5th 2007 8:36pm

im a winner!oh wow its come as a shock. im speechless. im a runner up wow

cross head Oct 6th 2007 6:40am
anti-pesto Oct 9th 2007 6:48pm

katie iv sent the info thanks 4 ur help

debeller Oct 24th 2007 12:30pm

Good job it deserved runner up well done

anti-pesto Oct 26th 2007 5:22pm


concon Nov 17th 2007 11:54am


concon Nov 17th 2007 11:55am


concon Nov 17th 2007 11:55am


roxysnoopy Feb 10th 2009 3:12pm


Elvis smith Jan 6th 2011 8:00pm

That Creation looked amazing!!! Looks a lot like wallace and gromit!! Rating: 10/10

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