xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - KACEY WATTERS - SCHOOL JUNK MODEL by Kacey Watters


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February 14th 2014
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"kavey Watters Age 6, last day of term junk model of gromit"

There are 7 comments about this creation.

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Feb 17th 2014 6:30am

This is an excellent model!!! Will you paint it too?!

Clairey-fairy Feb 17th 2014 4:19pm

Yeah she has covered it in plaster of Paris so once its dried she will paint it. Only young so very impressed!

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Feb 18th 2014 5:26am

(Sorry Clairey-fairy we dont allow ages to be shared on the site!) Can we see Gromit when he's in his various stages of transformation?!

Clairey-fairy Feb 18th 2014 1:16pm

How do you put another photo on website

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Feb 19th 2014 4:55am

Hi Clairey-fairy, you would have to upload it as a new creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Feb 19th 2014 6:39am

Excellent! What a creative idea. 

sjv Mar 28th 2014 4:31pm

Well D one Kavey - excellent model you've made. It'll look lovely when you've painted it.

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