xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Gromit painted canvas' by Millan age 7 by sjv


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March 28th 2014
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"By my Nephew 'Millan' age 74 hand painted, using Acrylic paints, canvas' inspired & based on the Gromits from the Gromit Unleashed trail done by my Nephew 'Millan'"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 2nd 2014 5:09am

Another lovely gallery of Gromits. The 'Where's Wallace' idea is fantastic! Great work, Millan!

Chan81 Apr 2nd 2014 9:51am

Really lovely bet they look great on his wall 

jay161 Apr 2nd 2014 10:11am

Excellent work Millan.

samie84 Apr 2nd 2014 10:43am


Eli86 Apr 4th 2014 10:30am

Cool - love set of Gromit paintings like this on my wall 

jbv Apr 6th 2014 8:02am

Wonderful work Millan, such great care and concentration. 

sjv Apr 6th 2014 8:37am

Brilliant work Millan, they look fantastic. 

JoJoHunie Apr 18th 2014 8:20am

Wicked set of Gromits 

Josie&Tyler Apr 21st 2014 8:19am

Brilliant set of Gromit paintings. Well done Millan, great work 

Corina&Clara Apr 25th 2014 10:27am

What a Dope Set of ace painted Gromits - has be a winner 

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