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March 28th 2014
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"Flag made by my niece to say thank you after her & her brother had stayed at their Gran's. "

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 2nd 2014 5:17am

What a lovely idea! A really pretty, sparkly flag and a sweet way to say 'thank you'. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Chan81 Apr 2nd 2014 9:54am

What a special way of saying Thank you 

jay161 Apr 2nd 2014 10:13am

Gromit Flags would be a great idea. Good idea.

Eli86 Apr 4th 2014 10:33am

Cool Gromit Flag - Love his colourful ears #lovegromit 

jbv Apr 6th 2014 8:01am

Fantastic suprise to find this superb thank you left for me after you had returned home. 

sjv Apr 6th 2014 8:36am

Ace idea Ella, and a lovely way to say thank you 

Josie&Tyler Apr 21st 2014 8:18am

Great idea, we're going to try and make a Gromit flag this afternoon 

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