xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace and gromit Easter eggs by gromitsbuddyinginventor


March 30th 2014
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"with Easter coming up I thought it might be nice to convert two eggs into gromit and the grand day out rocket :)"

There are 7 comments about this creation.

Chan81 Apr 2nd 2014 9:58am

Very Creative, like the use of the eggs

jay161 Apr 2nd 2014 10:12am

Love them.

samie84 Apr 2nd 2014 10:46am

Great use of Eggs & great outcome.

Companula Apr 3rd 2014 9:56pm

Wow! They're awesome! Great Job!

Eli86 Apr 4th 2014 10:35am

Cool Ship & Gromit #lovegromit 

Corina&Clara Apr 25th 2014 10:32am

Dope, we luv gromit & his spaceship 

W&Gfan10000 Jun 4th 2014 11:53am

Well done that is smashing! 

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