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April 13th 2014
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"My Niece Ella's creation using her Gromit she made at the Gromit Unleashed workshop. Ella said Gromit is protecting the eggs for the chickens to keep them safe for Easter"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 15th 2014 5:14am

Aahh, what a sweet idea! Gromit looks like he's doing a great job of keeping those baby chicks safe.

Chan81 Apr 15th 2014 3:42pm

Great gromit Ella - well done. I love the Easter theme & use of the natural grass 

samie84 Apr 15th 2014 3:58pm

Excellent little Gromit model & colourful, bright Easter Gromit photo.

Eli86 Apr 16th 2014 9:57am

Awesome Gromit love his Cool Facial expresion 

jbv Apr 16th 2014 11:44am

Great Gromit Ella and love the idea that he's looking after the eggs and chicks.

sjv Apr 16th 2014 2:57pm

Crackingly Good Gromit you made Ella, love the expression on his face, he's clearly watching out to protect those chickens & eggs  Lovely Easter Gromit photo.

jay161 Apr 16th 2014 6:48pm

Excellent model Gromit in a great Easter scene 

JoJoHunie Apr 18th 2014 8:21am

Wicked Gromit model in super Easter setting - my winner 

Josie&Tyler Apr 21st 2014 8:10am

Ah or this could be our winner!! Brilliantly made Gromit & we love the Easter setting & seeing it has brightened up our Easter Monday. We wish we could make Gromits as good as him  Well Done

Corina&Clara Apr 25th 2014 10:18am

What a dope Gromit, luv him 

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