xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - space rocket room by tazpete


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April 15th 2014
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"Hey guys jus thought id post a recent sketch i did for a project i did the other day.The brief was to design a hut/house that had something unusual inside so my design ended up turning into a wacky room with with a few gadgets and ofcourse wallace's space rocket also theres a few minion tv robots inside thrown into the action!Anyways any pointers or input to the design would be great! if you want to see anymore or my sketches jsut visit my page here.http://drawcrowd.com/petersutherland825efThanks!"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 17th 2014 6:01am

Wow! This is an amazing sketch, tazpete! Thanks for sharing it with us. There's so much detail in your design - how long did it take you? Very well done!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Apr 17th 2014 8:36am

Wow that's amazing!!!!!! I wish I could draw that well!!

tazpete Apr 17th 2014 11:18am

about 9 hours work also had to do the exterior aswell check it out on drawcrowd if you want to see the full design and thank you very much glad you liked it hopefully it gives some sort of wallace and gromit vibeĀ 

DanKozman Apr 23rd 2014 5:31pm

Great job!

tazpete Apr 29th 2014 9:03am

wow so many views thanks guys!!will post a plane idea next month hope you will like it :)

brickanimations Nov 3rd 2014 3:33pm

Wow this is amazing man.

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