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May 29th 2014
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"The first animation I did with this puppet. Still needs some work though since it isn't smooth enough for my taste. Wire aramtures are cheap to make but have their flaws."

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Chloe B   (Aardman Staff) May 29th 2014 11:22am

Super animation, the Rabbit walks very smoothly! 

LufseN May 30th 2014 3:17am

Thank you :) I am not completly satisfied with the result though. This was the first test with this puppet, so now I sort of now its limits. Even smoother next time!

wallace05man May 31st 2014 2:12pm

Wow, that animation is so smooth! How did you the walking? Was it rigged or did you use magnets?

LufseN Jun 5th 2014 6:44am

The puppet is rigged using tie-downs. It has screws in its feet. :)

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