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June 8th 2014
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"This is a short film about a lonely scarecrow journey who feels lonely and wants to make friends. This is my final college project I made before I started uni, It took my while for me to upload it because I wasn't ready to show it online yet, but I thought it was time to upload it."

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Jun 11th 2014 5:23am

Very well done indeed, and thanks for sharing your story with us. We found this animation really compelling - a simple story told with great imagination and sensitivity. The film has a really ethereal quality to it and the scarecrow and bird models are fantastic. We'd love you to share this on the Animate It! site too, a great place to showcase your animation talents - take a look here: http://www.animate-it.com/

Good luck with your future projects! 

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