xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - wallace at the cheese by gomitlover


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July 12th 2014
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"new cheese from Austria I think wallace likes it"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Jul 16th 2014 8:56am

Hmm, there's a very big bite out of this lump of cheese!

gomitlover Jul 16th 2014 11:21am

Thanks for replying that means lots to me
I'm posting a new creation this was a demo my proper creation will be soon
I hope you like this  creation and my real one


gomitlover Jul 17th 2014 2:58am

only joking this is my creation for the month my next one will be in August 


Baby Belle Jul 30th 2014 5:11pm

Looks good enough to eat.

Bitzer123 Aug 7th 2014 10:14pm

I wonder who took the bite out of the cheese? Maybe it was .

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