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July 14th 2014
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"I drew a scene from a Matter of Loaf and Death using watercolour pencils."

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Chloe B   (Aardman Staff) Jul 14th 2014 9:59am

Wow! The detail is amazing in this, well done indeed! Poor Gromit in his pink apron, we're not sure he's that happy about that! Cracking picture! 

gomitlover Jul 17th 2014 1:14pm
katie   (Aardman Staff) Jul 18th 2014 4:16am

What a fantastic artwork! Very impressive ineed - you've captured the facial expressions of the characters brilliantly and the shading is spot on! Well done!

Maria2013 Sep 27th 2014 11:29am
HesterMay Dec 15th 2014 6:29pm

Wow!!! Thats amazing!!! You've got the light perfect too, well done!!! (oops, I love smileys!!!)

Wallace-x-Campanula Jan 8th 2015 3:04pm

The scene is very great! I love the colors and Piella look less fat than th original shrt movie.

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