xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - W&G AND Dr.Who by Morsmage


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August 7th 2014
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"Wallace created the TARDIS! looks like Gromit was the test dog. Drawn with color pencils."

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Aug 8th 2014 4:36am

Wow! What a cool idea. Gromit looks like he's had quite an experience while in the Tardis. Is Wallace going to take a trip with the Time Lord too? 

Morsmage Aug 9th 2014 11:06am

I hope so.

Carla Hill Aug 20th 2014 2:38pm

It's really a good drawing!

Morsmage Aug 20th 2014 6:15pm

Thank you

pazoobs Aug 24th 2014 5:36pm

Excellent drawing Morsmage! 

Morsmage Aug 28th 2014 12:16pm

Thank you Pazoobs!

Nathan M Sep 5th 2014 5:59pm


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