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September 25th 2007
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"Hutch is my most recent model, inspired by the climax of 'the curse of the were-rabbit'"

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anti-pesto Sep 25th 2007 7:07pm

lovely, cracking, smashing. did u use newplast plasticine

pat1 Sep 25th 2007 7:30pm

nice model how old r you? is some of it painted?

Joruus Sep 25th 2007 8:52pm

Excellent model, 6/6 !

Michael2007 Sep 26th 2007 7:59am

Hi! i'm really glad you like him, he took several days to make! Hutch is completely plasticine, except for his slippers- i made those from the same clay that i made 'plane crazy Gromit's plane from, then painted them using model paints.

debeller Sep 26th 2007 9:39am

amazing!!!!! 6/6

StuartRead Sep 26th 2007 12:12pm

Love him, simply superb

Zoe-SHUTE Sep 26th 2007 4:33pm


debeller Sep 27th 2007 8:44am

i just wondered is he newplast if he is what colour did you use ? I am going to make hutch and i am not sure of his skin colour and great model

danluke Sep 27th 2007 12:58pm

did you really make this?

anti-pesto Sep 27th 2007 9:17pm

debeller the colour is brown in newplast for hutch

debeller Sep 27th 2007 9:30pm

thanks anti-pesto i cant seem to find brown only dark brown ohwell thanks for the help

anti-pesto Sep 27th 2007 9:39pm

thats ok

anti-pesto Sep 27th 2007 9:40pm

u could order it from where u get ur plasticine

Hutch Sep 28th 2007 7:52am

CHEESE exellent :)

debeller Sep 28th 2007 12:59pm

ok thanks anti-pesto i will order it.

shaunisgr8 Sep 28th 2007 5:23pm

Absolutely amazing! You must be a pro by now!

Ani_bellotas Sep 28th 2007 6:08pm

WOW!!!! What a great Hutch!!!

i like pie Sep 28th 2007 10:24pm

congratulations and celebrations i want the world to o your happy as can be.
woow im really impressed my this image.
personally i would have replaced the cheese with a pukka pie, but bravo...ah brava

Crazycheesebob Sep 29th 2007 12:20pm

That is SO good:O

x-Helen-x Sep 29th 2007 2:29pm

Wow! I love it!!!:D<3
He looks so cute. I love how his mouth is full of cheese and he has cheese around him!

Michael2007 Sep 29th 2007 4:17pm

Thanks for all the comments, it's great to know that people like my models! for my next model, i was thinking of making the cooker from 'a grand day out', but i'm making characters from the simpsons at the moment- hope to start him soon!

connor gorman Oct 6th 2007 10:16am

were do u get newplast from

Michael2007 Oct 6th 2007 11:17am

i buy newplast from Hobbycraft, it's about £1.99 for a large block of plasticine

kieran Oct 26th 2007 6:29pm

can you visit my website


plus there is a Wallace and gromit page

twinxlisa129 Nov 2nd 2007 4:34pm

oh wow!! Couldn't have done something like that!!

Mark the shark Nov 26th 2007 2:25pm

Wow! Superb! Keep up the good work!

Mibso Dec 2nd 2007 4:32am


Mibso Dec 2nd 2007 9:25am

I can't stop looking at it.. has he got a magnet

dan123 Dec 9th 2007 9:50am

amazing 6/6

emily neale Dec 13th 2007 8:55am

why did you call it lovely chesse for?|-) but merry xmas

Elfed2 Jan 30th 2008 8:24pm

Not even Wenslydle?

Elfed2 Jan 30th 2008 8:25pm

I'm just crackers about cheese!

Elfed2 Jan 30th 2008 8:25pm

It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cappie Feb 1st 2008 7:43pm

I set it as my computer Background

w&g rocks Mar 8th 2008 6:40pm

wow that almost looks exactly like the one in the movie

53Reid Apr 23rd 2008 1:40pm


Fanboi Jun 27th 2008 5:45am


Maciek_Kalinowski Nov 8th 2008 10:45am

Good work.

roxysnoopy Feb 10th 2009 3:22pm

nice cheese 0:)

Nathan berry Feb 14th 2009 5:14am

how do you get hutch to be so smooth ???

Rebel Mar 30th 2009 2:52pm

That's Great 6/6

Mp3charlie Apr 15th 2009 4:34am

Cracking Cheese Gromit!( I mean the cheese is awsome but so is !)
Hey Gromit old Pal?!

Mp3charlie Apr 15th 2009 4:35am

PS. 6/6

jeranimo Jun 19th 2009 12:47pm

thats cheeeeeeeeeeesy

BANKSY Oct 30th 2009 9:11am


Tommy TT Jan 30th 2010 1:11pm


53Reid Feb 15th 2010 10:02pm

As Wallace would say, "Cracking job, Gromit!"

jesusfreak247 Sep 21st 2010 4:59pm

I can't believe this was only a nominee!

timdan Apr 11th 2011 9:50am

Yeah wow! This is REALLY good!!

Zoefish Aug 11th 2011 4:59pm


Asa peters Sep 3rd 2011 11:16am


Asa peters Sep 3rd 2011 11:16am


birdy0220 Jun 6th 2014 2:22pm

how did you create that thats boss

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