xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Gromit of wool by drainpipe


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September 25th 2007
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There are 17 comments about this creation.

nathan Sep 25th 2007 8:28pm

did you nit that its brill!

Joruus Sep 25th 2007 8:51pm

Sweet ;)

debeller Sep 26th 2007 9:40am

nice job

shaunisgr8 Sep 26th 2007 11:45am

I think it's wool felt. I'ts really marvellous.

drainpipe Sep 26th 2007 4:12pm

Yeah, it's wool felt. I made it by special needles. Thanx you for your comments!

anti-pesto Sep 27th 2007 9:10pm


Hutch Sep 28th 2007 7:34am

sweet job

hutch12 Sep 28th 2007 8:31pm


i like pie Sep 28th 2007 10:22pm

i dont no why that dog doesnt wear any clothes.
george asda now does its own range!

Crazycheesebob Sep 29th 2007 12:36pm


x-Helen-x Sep 29th 2007 2:32pm

Aww cute!:D

jills Oct 3rd 2007 2:57am

Very Cool.

dan123 Dec 9th 2007 9:52am

cool 5/6

gromitrules Dec 12th 2007 11:33pm

nice job:gromit2:

scubazelda Jun 1st 2008 9:33pm

Cool idea!:) Very original:D

cinoa Jul 7th 2008 9:36am


roxysnoopy Feb 10th 2009 3:11pm

gromy is brill im age 14 and i still like fluffy toys>:-)

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