xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - The chicken leg by animation boy


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October 3rd 2007
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"A short film made by me 13 and my brother 11. Made on a budget of 30 pounds. Please leave a comment."

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Harry07 Oct 3rd 2007 5:50pm

How did you do the flying knifes?

childhood Oct 3rd 2007 5:50pm

Brilliant - well done to the both of you. Enjoyed very much

animation boy Oct 3rd 2007 6:19pm

To do the knifes i used a rig.
Basically i suspended the knifes with a piece of wire. Then on Photoshop i digitally rubbed the wire out, to give it the levitating look. ;)

debeller Oct 3rd 2007 7:38pm

Good animation i like it

AyUp_Marc Oct 4th 2007 2:45pm

Awright? nice animation likes. guess what? you can rate your own video on this! 5 stars yeah?

gromitt3 Oct 4th 2007 6:27pm

wow youve got a great framerate on this! what did you shoot this on? check out my stuff on youtube, username is gromitt3 and tell me what you think!:D

Mr Hyde Oct 4th 2007 10:08pm

cracking dude, nice sets, great film, funky music

lollipop Oct 6th 2007 3:57pm

that is sooooo funny is the dog meant to be gromit???

animation boy Oct 6th 2007 6:26pm

the look is kind of meant to be, but the dislyalty of his personality is very unlike gromit.

connor gorman Oct 6th 2007 6:48pm


Hutch Oct 7th 2007 5:27pm

Great movie,but the dog eat bit was very cruel.

jills Oct 8th 2007 10:47pm

Great facial expressions :):O:D8)

animation boy Oct 9th 2007 7:45am

thanks every1 for the kind comments

Mcbennybob Oct 20th 2007 2:25pm

COOL!!!!What camera did u use 4 this and please see my animations on youtube.type in benhector55 and watch all the animations there.

bigballbubblehead Oct 21st 2007 11:02pm

nice set lol are the props for doll houses?

animation boy Oct 22nd 2007 11:47am

ye, dolls house props =p

shaun master Oct 30th 2007 8:22pm

really funny well done!:)

animation boy Oct 30th 2007 9:16pm


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