xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Gromit and Rabbit Friend by ftrz00kpr


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October 11th 2008
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"These are my first ever plasticine creations. I'm definetly pleased with the result, they are sooo cute! Hats off to the Aardman guys, it's not easy!"

There are 46 comments about this creation.

Joruus Oct 13th 2008 8:15am

& - fantastic.

Ursrut Oct 13th 2008 11:30am

Those look fab!

Shinowick Oct 13th 2008 11:45am

i love that

wallaceandgromit Oct 13th 2008 12:20pm


gromit9 Oct 13th 2008 3:30pm

cool that is fab.

tas xx Oct 13th 2008 4:28pm

gromit1::i love it ::wallace4:):shau:gromit2:n:

jills Oct 13th 2008 8:38pm

Wow, those are your first models? They're cracking!

exXEmmzyXxe Oct 14th 2008 3:56am

fantastic!!!!!!11 the bunny is so good i love it

Mr Mikey Oct 14th 2008 1:27pm

Those are really excellent!:D

tete11 Oct 14th 2008 2:15pm

oh this is awsome...it ´s amazing!!! i like it...how long did you make it?:O

Purple&Brown Oct 14th 2008 3:10pm

good and

tazito Oct 14th 2008 7:14pm

very nice i liked gromit

tazito Oct 14th 2008 7:14pm

very nice i liked gromit

gromits bone Oct 14th 2008 9:12pm

is perfect along with omg

ftrz00kpr Oct 15th 2008 4:40pm

Hiya, thanks for your comments. They both took about 2 hours each, which is a pretty long time, but well worth it!

Big Rob Oct 17th 2008 12:45pm

Your first time, cracking job. Gromit looks cute!!

tiptopgolfy Oct 17th 2008 4:03pm

did you do it with wallace and gromit set

supersamio Oct 18th 2008 6:41am

wow thats cute!

ftrz00kpr Oct 18th 2008 7:07am

Heya, no I didn't have a set. I just went onto ebay and bought 8 different colours of plasticine and some modelling tools.

Then I just searched the internet for all the different views of both characters so that I could get a good 360 view of them.

I will try find some time soon to make some more! I really enjoyed it.

DancingShauny99 Oct 18th 2008 4:29pm


crackingcheese Oct 19th 2008 6:20am

You should have seen my first plasticene model it was terrible

cheesefanatic Oct 19th 2008 12:48pm


brer_hedgehog Oct 21st 2008 1:33pm


flowergirl12 Oct 21st 2008 3:33pm

Kewl. it amazing. i could never do anything like that. truely amazing talent on here.:)

crackersandcheese Oct 27th 2008 5:47am

AHHHHHHHH they are so cute:D, how did you do them??? I cud never do something like that. Well done you should make the characters for the next movie!!!

AlexWragg Nov 6th 2008 4:53pm

Very good but there not yr 1st creations :D

Chocachoc Nov 10th 2008 10:45am

Well done!!!!!!

dalekfilms Nov 11th 2008 3:08am
guasa Nov 16th 2008 10:12pm

the rabbit looks like an autentic rabit of aardman

thetopbun Dec 11th 2008 4:42pm

Good and would have been 6 stars if Gromit didn't have that black on him or was he playing in mud?

wallace1235 Dec 13th 2008 10:47am

i tried it is realy hard to do !!!


Pachein Dec 15th 2008 1:34pm


-Lee- Dec 20th 2008 1:51pm

Nicely done!

holly-x- Dec 22nd 2008 3:56pm

wow amazing ! :)

tiptopgolfy Dec 27th 2008 7:27am

did you use the w&g modelling kit

kennedyman Dec 28th 2008 7:10am

:wallace2:how cute arghh

KitKat007 Dec 30th 2008 11:55am

kool models. they r sooooooooo cute! |-):);):D0:)>:-):-(|)

kennedyman Jan 3rd 2009 7:56am

i like the rabbit

kennedyman Jan 8th 2009 12:45pm


JenP Jan 11th 2009 6:21pm

I love it! Great job!

Fifi1997 Apr 7th 2009 3:35am

i luvv gromit yeaaaa xx rabbite cute too

Benny 123 Jun 20th 2009 4:27pm

try &

dahl Jul 4th 2009 12:07am

i know im a little late but im just crackers about rabbits and i love your work


lanzal Aug 29th 2009 11:53am


DaogonW&G0205 Feb 27th 2012 8:39pm


PeaceandBiscuits May 26th 2013 4:28am

Wow, you're just so incredible... Is that seriously your first plasticine model... Ever? Cracking!

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