xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - 1 IN A MILL 2 by jills


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December 8th 2008
5 out of 6 in 60 votes
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"Don't look now, but here's a bit of the detail!"

There are 56 comments about this creation.

engels Dec 9th 2008 8:35am

Great! I like it! Nice work.

triwat Dec 9th 2008 8:45am


Joruus Dec 9th 2008 10:36am


Ursrut Dec 9th 2008 10:51am

6/6. This is excellent.

Nofby Dec 9th 2008 11:02am

Nice use of a helping hands armature! Fantastic work!!

Harry Dec 9th 2008 11:09am

6/6 Very good detail used. Well done Jills!

Anim8tor Dec 9th 2008 11:37am


great detail

666joshy666 Dec 9th 2008 11:39am


jills Dec 9th 2008 11:46am

Hehe, Nofby, I only had to do some minor reassembling ;)

Thank you for the comments, as Sock Eye Salmon would say, I'm chuffed to mintballs with 'em!

iantimothy Dec 9th 2008 2:57pm

i think this'll win!

squigly Dec 10th 2008 3:00am

wow...another great creation jills

(i was wondering when we would see it!)

thetopbun Dec 11th 2008 2:11pm

Really good I liked it... keep up the good and work and soon you will be on your way for an Aardman modelmaker

VincentAnimations01 Dec 12th 2008 12:06pm

Great, I like the hot cross buns!

iantimothy Dec 12th 2008 8:46pm

i was right, it did win!!

squigly Dec 13th 2008 2:09am

and a very well deserved win it was! woohoo, a whole set of pyrexware!! more chocolate chip cookies?;)

skalouis Dec 13th 2008 8:27am

i love it

purple and brown Dec 13th 2008 2:15pm


tuam boy Dec 13th 2008 3:13pm
tuam boy Dec 13th 2008 3:14pm

cant wait tell christmas day tell the new film at 8.30 going to be great

wendoline07 Dec 14th 2008 7:20am

omg that is actually really good!
well done XD

FleaCircusDirector Dec 15th 2008 7:02am

Excellent, love the oven mitts on the helping hands. Good details and lighting :D

gabazorro Dec 15th 2008 10:14am



F4G Dec 16th 2008 1:44am

wooow... you're so good.

Big Rob Dec 16th 2008 5:48am

There is so much detail in yr work. U even added on actual text on the bag and the pie chart behind gromit. There is even a yellow book u made. This must have taken u weeks to do.:O

jills Dec 19th 2008 12:28am

Hi Big Rob haven't seen you on the site in a while. Yer, it took ages! but I had a lot of ideas for it so it was great fun. I wish I could have included them all. Nice avatar, btw.

Those are all such nice comments, thanks a mill-ion.

Squigly, chocolate chip, how did you guess?

bhs Dec 19th 2008 2:47pm

did u make it yourself its well good so good it looks professional

minimodelmaker-21 Dec 19th 2008 5:20pm

well done :D and good work but how did u do the eyes

jills Dec 21st 2008 12:42pm

Wow, thanks I've been making models for just over a year, it's a hobby now. For the eyes, minimodelmaker-21, I used 8mm glass beads with a painted pupil, which is what someone on this site told me Aardman use :D

Brand Dec 21st 2008 1:07pm

I like the oven gloves there great

crackersandcheese Dec 23rd 2008 7:16am

WOW! That is amazing! I bet u could get a job at Aardman it's that good!! :D

cavor Dec 24th 2008 4:42am

Well done on your win jills keep on baking!!:)

Maciek_Kalinowski Dec 27th 2008 9:25am


wynd98 Dec 28th 2008 11:29am


mrYellowtroll Jan 1st 2009 6:01am

cracking job

GromitLovesFluffles Jan 2nd 2009 7:05am


domwoodie Jan 4th 2009 9:44am

Please comment on my Creation
Its called a Matter Of Loaf Or Death:D

Jack lad 09 Jan 8th 2009 12:24pm

how did you make the bread

JenP Jan 10th 2009 10:12am

Fantastic!!!! Love it!!!! 6/6:)

Emerald Jan 15th 2009 1:02pm

Thats the coolest one I've ever seen! :D:D:D

Bella-x Jan 16th 2009 2:41pm

6/6! Amazing!:D

pengi502 Jan 22nd 2009 3:15pm

12/10 . brilliant!!!!:)

roxysnoopy Jan 29th 2009 2:04pm

best 1 yet i say:O

fluffles the poodle Feb 2nd 2009 6:20am

fantastic you are a fantastic model and set maker-I love the pie chart gag by the way

Soerix Feb 10th 2009 6:31am

very cool !!!!!!!

Lozi101 Feb 16th 2009 2:27pm

wow how did you make all the tiny models?
it looks so real!
well done!!:D

I R Movies Mar 13th 2009 12:03pm

hi jills yourve been on this website for ages like me

Fifi1997 Apr 7th 2009 3:29am


bontiguell Apr 11th 2009 10:51pm

That is ace.. especially gromit he looks perfect.

Mp3charlie Apr 14th 2009 3:07pm

Hey Gromit!

sophie96 Apr 16th 2009 2:29am


sophie96 Apr 16th 2009 2:30am

I love the pie chart!!

Benny 123 Jun 20th 2009 5:49am


ojs7500 Jan 22nd 2010 8:57am

so so so good

Asa peters Jul 13th 2010 2:43pm

WOW! where did you get the hingy things which are connected to the gloves?;):D:O

Nickpark101 Feb 17th 2012 9:31pm

Were did you get the eyes?javascript:ins('')

AndrewS Nov 21st 2012 3:23pm


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