xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - w and g new year special by joshcal


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December 31st 2008
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"my version of w and g - staring in a new year special!"

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GromitLovesFluffles Jan 5th 2009 12:41pm

Good, quick stop motion. Would have been far better with speech and sound effects, though.

VincentAnimations01 Jan 5th 2009 1:24pm

I like the train and the train track!

tedphipps Jan 5th 2009 3:57pm

I had the same trouble getting the right colour gromit.

tedphipps Jan 5th 2009 3:59pm

sorry I meant to put: getting the right colour FOR gromit

VincentAnimations01 Jan 5th 2009 5:34pm

Yeah I've the same trouble I even get the same plasticine as aardman and I still can't get the right gromit colour I think they might mix different colours together

crackingtoast Jan 6th 2009 12:15pm

great! love the sets and you even do little detail like blink and moving slightly which makes characters more lifelike! well done!

joshcal Jan 9th 2009 1:50pm

thanks :) im working on a new 1 right now and im using your comments to help me


mrYellowtroll Jan 11th 2009 6:54am

where do you get the aardman plasticine

mrYellowtroll Jan 11th 2009 7:01am

it is too fast

fluffles the poodle Jan 13th 2009 2:38pm

this is very good especially since it only took u 2 days!

Emerald Jan 15th 2009 12:58pm

I've tried making movies like this. Well my weren't that complicated but,..you should add some background music! It would be great. :D

Emerald Jan 15th 2009 12:59pm

You can speed down a bit! ;)

Go W&G Jan 25th 2009 12:29am


roxysnoopy Feb 10th 2009 3:06pm

that was the best animation i have seen on this website:-(|)

mqueen9557 Mar 13th 2009 10:41pm


kokerbinner Mar 25th 2009 5:33pm

2 days is nothing!! but still it was good :)

nam man06 May 16th 2009 11:58am

this is the problem i had when i started animating it looks like its on fastforward ;)

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