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January 3rd 2009
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"Gromit having the time of his loaf! =D Bread loaves made from salt dough. Gromit made from plasticine. Hat made from paper."

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Harry Jan 5th 2009 8:17am

Grreaat. Must of took a long time!

vamstarz Jan 5th 2009 8:22am

Thanks Harry, it took many hours, but was much fun

GromitLovesFluffles Jan 5th 2009 11:55am

Looks awesome. :)

vamstarz Jan 5th 2009 12:07pm

Thank you :D

kld luvin kye Jan 5th 2009 12:52pm

thats good

vamstarz Jan 5th 2009 12:58pm

Cheers kld luvin kye! :-(|)

VincentAnimations01 Jan 5th 2009 1:21pm

A sure winner! Thats a lot of bread are they made out of plasticine?

vamstarz Jan 5th 2009 1:26pm

Thank You! =) I hope so =D. The loaves were made out of salt dough. It is made from flour, salt, a little oil and water. You then cook it in the oven and it sets rock hard!

thetopbun Jan 5th 2009 3:08pm

Loaf the bread! Get it love/loaf?

vamstarz Jan 5th 2009 3:26pm

Yep, i get it :D Thank You

VincentAnimations01 Jan 5th 2009 5:21pm

Oh right cool! Keep up the good work!

VincentAnimations01 Jan 5th 2009 5:30pm

I was just Reading another thread where you said you were goin 2 UNi is that the course where 1 module consists of CGI another module stop frame another module cartoon etc.... I will hopefully do a course like that in a year or two, can't wait. Is it 100% coursework, I hope so! After UNi I'd like to go to the nfts a film school that nick park went to. It's really hard to get into so I've got to work really hard!!!!

vamstarz Jan 6th 2009 1:42pm

Yep, that's the course =). Unfortunatley not 100% c/wk, there is an exam at the end of each year which you have to pass to continue the course. Seriously!!! I would love to go to nfts aswell! As you said, so hard to get in to, but would be brilliant :D

Humbug282 Jan 7th 2009 4:11pm
lmlm6819 Jan 8th 2009 12:54pm

congrats on 1st place!

vamstarz Jan 8th 2009 1:14pm

1st place? really? wow, i didn't even know. where does it say?

TomM Jan 8th 2009 1:42pm

wow u rock;)

vamstarz Jan 8th 2009 1:45pm

Cheers TomM :D

liltrell225 Jan 8th 2009 10:21pm

there are good

Michael2008 Jan 9th 2009 12:23pm

wow the bread is really accurate and i luv the title

vamstarz Jan 9th 2009 12:27pm

Thank you Michael2008 :D
I thought of the title first and then made the model to go with it. ;)

wallace too Jan 9th 2009 6:32pm

Very very good vamstarz

Purple&Brown Jan 10th 2009 5:48am

CONGRATS:D:Dwell done (claps);)

mdog Jan 10th 2009 8:53am

its fantastic

Michael2008 Jan 10th 2009 9:48am

1st place winner well done keep them coming theyre great

zevobh Jan 10th 2009 6:29pm


zevobh Jan 10th 2009 6:38pm

I am really sorry. :'( i posted that last comment on accident, and i can not delete it :-(

but here is the real comment :)

I love that bred, looks so real, and that hate is grate! (what did you use to make it?)

so sorry

vamstarz Jan 11th 2009 6:05am

Oh don't worry about it, it is cool. I used salt dough to make the bread, it is made with flour, salt, a little oil and some water. You then mould this to make your shapes, cook them in the oven and they go rock hard. The hat was made out of plain white paper, i cut a strip and turned one edge up to make the rim at the bottom. The top part of the hat was made with a circle of paper, I cut into the edge of the circle so I could turn the edges under.


nam man06 Jan 12th 2009 12:31pm


mrYellowtroll Jan 16th 2009 1:41pm

how dya make the nose?

vamstarz Jan 16th 2009 1:51pm

Hi mrYellowtroll,

I made a little round ball of black plasticine, then using a sculpting implement i put a speck of white plasticine to add a little highlight =)

kennedyman Jan 17th 2009 4:58am
kennedyman Jan 17th 2009 4:58am


w&g1234 Jan 17th 2009 6:54am
w&g1234 Jan 17th 2009 6:54am


w&g1234 Jan 17th 2009 6:57am

nam man06 Jan 17th 2009 7:29am


nam man06 Jan 17th 2009 7:29am


Sammy the lamb Jan 18th 2009 9:36am

Nice work! Must make some saltdought sometime...

Emerald Jan 18th 2009 1:05pm
MitchyK Jan 19th 2009 9:28pm

Wow that's amazing.

How long did it take?

vamstarz Jan 20th 2009 9:24am

Thanks MitchyK,

It took a few days to make altogether, over the Christmas break. I had great fun making it and enjoyed every minute =)

Take care.


Emerald Jan 24th 2009 1:56pm

Wow, This thing is amazing! Its the best one on the pages, really! :D

Bella-x Jan 26th 2009 12:25pm

did you actually get your prize?
really good by the way:)

fleesebag Jan 27th 2009 9:03pm

really good 6/6!

vamstarz Jan 28th 2009 5:16am

Thank you everyone. No, haven't had my prize yet. But i have been contacted.

KitKat007 Jan 28th 2009 11:58am

cool. i'd like to see u make all the loafs ur self! ::)

vamstarz Jan 28th 2009 4:09pm

Do you mean like a video? They are quite easy to make. I could do a video on how to make them :)

WallaceLove Jan 29th 2009 11:45am


vamstarz Jan 30th 2009 1:28pm

Thank you :D

YippieTottington Jan 30th 2009 1:51pm

Thats great!

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 7:35am

That amazing well done

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:10pm

oops i me8)an that's amazing8)

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:11pm

j sfdcnbv:D

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:11pm


Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:12pm


Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:13pm


Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:13pm

opps that was still in capital leeters

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:14pm

i spelt letters wrong

Mark 12 Feb 1st 2009 3:14pm

that pictures cool:D8)0:)|-)

vamstarz Feb 1st 2009 4:05pm

lol Mark 12. So funny! Thank you :D

Gromit27 Feb 3rd 2009 3:01am

that is sooooooo good well done:D

Krokigate Feb 4th 2009 11:30am

Congratulations on the win. A fantastic display of sculpting knowledge!! I do hope to see other things from you in the future.

GromitsPal Feb 4th 2009 11:54pm

I'm new here and and I'm proud to say that I'm a W&G fan. Anyway I just came across this and I have to say this is VERY VERY impressive.

Soerix Feb 10th 2009 6:30am

cool !!!!!!!

roxysnoopy Feb 10th 2009 3:03pm

i love it :D

fleesebag Feb 12th 2009 3:56am
simemo Feb 23rd 2009 12:14pm

i'm just starting a hungry gromit ano my self!!!|-):);):D:-|:O:-(:'(:-X8)0:)>:-):-(|)

Fifi1997 Apr 7th 2009 3:25am

(8) goood

Oakes Apr 25th 2009 7:42am

lol i have same avatar as u vamstarz, but im changing mine soon so u can keep it rofl

nam man06 Apr 27th 2009 12:04pm

vamstarz Apr 30th 2009 12:55pm

lol Oakes, thanks ;)

Benny 123 Jun 19th 2009 3:03pm


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