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November 2nd 2007
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"Preston stands poised ready for the Cooker's newly aquired Kung Fu."

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Joruus Nov 2nd 2007 8:50am


eimear Nov 2nd 2007 9:20am

that is deadly but what did you make cook out of????

The Quans Nov 2nd 2007 1:45pm

Preston's main body was made with a balloon and plaster, much like pinata's then covered in sculpey clay, baked and painted. The Cooker is 98% sculpey, the remaining 2% is mostly metal. ie: his wheels, viewer, & antanae. The arms are that new clay sculpey light. Fun stuff.:)

Modelmaker93 Nov 2nd 2007 2:16pm

Great, I like the cooker best it looks just like it off of the film.

funkycheese7000 Nov 2nd 2007 5:23pm

Yeah, I agree with Modelmaker93, although I still like the Preston model aswell. You should make a claymation with them!
Tell me, how tall is your Preston??

jills Nov 2nd 2007 5:45pm

Fantastic! Really well done :D I love the Cooker, but your Preston looks great too. Where'd you get the eyes?

The Quans Nov 2nd 2007 6:21pm

Thank you. Preston is aprox. 11" or 28cm tall, Cooker is aprox. 9" or 23cm tall including his antenna. Preston's eyes I'd purchased years ago, knowing they'd someday be eyes for some clay figure. If I remember correctly they are a 1cm polished stone bead. I wish I had purchased more.

funkycheese7000 Nov 2nd 2007 7:06pm

Thanks The Quans

byronic Nov 2nd 2007 8:41pm

As Always the Quan's brilliance is evident.

conty Nov 2nd 2007 8:51pm

great models i really like them :D

Harry Nov 2nd 2007 8:54pm


Well I Think Its Better Than The Original Because Its No So Well Shaped In A Weird Posision So That Makes It Great...


Harry Nov 3rd 2007 8:46am

Ohh What Colour Sculpley Do You Use?

debeller Nov 3rd 2007 1:30pm

WOW! Cracking job!

The Quans Nov 3rd 2007 5:07pm

I only had white and some bone color, so they were baked and painted. Now that I have the basic structure and know what I want to make I can form them in plasticine and animate. Thanks for all the comments. |-)

Harry Nov 3rd 2007 8:32pm

What Did You Use For Preston?

wallace and gromit Nov 4th 2007 3:06am

Great job!!!ican tell you did a lot of work!!!

anti-pesto Nov 4th 2007 9:52am

brill well done lv it

Hutch Nov 4th 2007 10:44am

Cracking Preston and cooker

resadur164 Nov 5th 2007 11:16pm

This website is wonderful, the people are so friendly and they've really put alot of work into their clay work. Thanks all for inspiring me to submit my own work! :)

shaunisgr8 Nov 7th 2007 9:52am

It's absolutely amazing!

Mibso Nov 10th 2007 5:16am

This is really good! Keep the good work up!

mlandergan Nov 12th 2007 11:18am

I like it!:D

Mark the shark Nov 25th 2007 12:50pm

LOVE THE MODELS! Can you give me instructions of how to build my own? Please?

The Quans Nov 28th 2007 4:46pm

Wow. I admire the question, um just not sure how to condense the answer. I'm not much of a teacher. The only advice I can think of is the larger the scale the easier the detail and more elaborate. My figures are nearly a foot tall, at least Preston is. Everything comes down to trial and error for me. I made many mistakes on the Cooker, but some turned out to help instead of hinder. Hope that makes some sense. Again thanks. :)

Mark the shark Dec 1st 2007 5:15pm

Thanks for the advice, Quans!

conty Dec 14th 2007 2:08pm

well done quans on winning, a well deserved first place, look forward to your other creations:D

Mark the shark Dec 14th 2007 2:47pm

Well done! I've just saw you've won! Well done!

Go W&G Dec 14th 2007 11:48pm

brilliant job!!! you deserve to win!!!!!

The Quans Dec 17th 2007 2:42pm

Thank you everyone who voted, this is a really fun website and I encourage all to submit there creations! Wallace and Gromit are great! :-X

orpansky Dec 21st 2007 2:16pm

not good

orpansky Dec 21st 2007 2:16pm
mamcdonald Dec 23rd 2007 7:19am

Well good

dachappell Dec 24th 2007 12:05pm

Talk about great.
Love it, keep doing that sort of stuff it's brill.

lemon05 Dec 30th 2007 5:19am

I'm speachless! Love from Frances A.K.A lemon05

cappie Jan 5th 2008 12:56pm


cappie Jan 5th 2008 12:57pm

Totaly awesome!!!!!!!!!

goatmaster99 Jan 5th 2008 3:31pm

i need idires plz help me should i do
i would prefure and
wat do u think

goatmaster99 Jan 5th 2008 3:32pm

and how on earth did u do that:O

The Quans Jan 7th 2008 12:53am

I've been working on a project. Thanks for all your comments. I considered doing a very difficult but rewarding feat I'm sure. Which ever you choose it would feel right for you. It's fun to see any of the characters depicted in various sceans, and the various interpretations from everyone. I've always had a love for clay and animation. Time and a creative mind should accomplish any task you set for yourself. 8) The most important thing is to enjoy what you do and have fun.

JacobM Jan 7th 2008 9:09pm


fuzzman Jan 20th 2008 1:03pm

just like the real thing. 6/6!

tomy1 Jan 24th 2008 8:15am
Mark the shark Feb 10th 2008 8:20am

Congrats on winning!;)

Jamie Q Feb 23rd 2008 7:10am

thts so good

MARLOW NATHAN Feb 24th 2008 8:01am


Fanboi Jun 27th 2008 5:43am


lanzal Aug 29th 2009 11:57am


Asa peters Oct 29th 2010 9:21am


Zoefish Aug 11th 2011 4:57pm


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