xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Happy New Year Chook! by fluffles the poodle


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January 11th 2009
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"This is how I imagine Wallace and Gromit saw in the new year.Wallace is excited about the prospect of the new year,while Gromit worries about the troubling situations Wallace may get the pair of them in to during the next 365 days.The pair decide to replace alcohol in their wine glasses for their favourite milky drink-tea!!! In my pic they spend new year in good company-with fluffles the poodle and cheese loving hutch."

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Gromits little bro Jan 12th 2009 11:38am

Very Good but it's Chuck not Chook

pengi502 Jan 12th 2009 11:58am

yeah it looks really good!

thetopbun Jan 12th 2009 4:00pm

Well done Chuck not Chook ohh someone already posted that...:-|

Rebel Jan 13th 2009 12:37pm

Chuck ruined it a bit ith chook

Oh well cool!

nam man06 Jan 13th 2009 3:07pm

why does have lines onhis face

fluffles the poodle Jan 17th 2009 10:43am

sorry about the whole chuck/chook thing.....I didnt realise a slightly different word could cause such controversy lol
As for the lines they were an attempt to make gromits face look a little more 3d although it could of worked better lol
thanks for your comments chooks......sorry-chucks lol

luke-puke Feb 8th 2009 3:01pm

WICKED DRAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

fluffles the poodle Feb 9th 2009 3:53pm


roxysnoopy Feb 15th 2009 4:41pm

happy new year to you to

good drawring

fluffles the poodle Mar 14th 2009 11:51am

lol a late happy new year to you to:D
glad u like my drawing

Fifi1997 Mar 15th 2009 6:34am

really good

wynd12314 Mar 15th 2009 10:37am


kld luvin kye Apr 16th 2009 8:29pm

nice fluffles

fluffles the poodle Apr 17th 2009 10:36am


kld luvin kye Jul 8th 2009 9:49am

whoo hoo

ajmole Jan 4th 2010 10:38pm

Awesome! Sure it's a few months late, but so what? I wish I was a good drawer like you. ;)

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