xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace & Gromit- Tottington Hall Rescue by Michael2008


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February 24th 2009
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"This is a clip from a Wallace and Gromit film im making."

There are 37 comments about this creation.

chesee Feb 25th 2009 10:01am

wow that was amazing a sure winner,what program did you use to do the lipsync? thanks:D

Michael2008 Feb 25th 2009 11:49am

oh thnx! i used Ulead video studio

Lozi101 Feb 25th 2009 11:54am

really good!!!

Michael2008 Feb 25th 2009 11:56am

oh thnx Lozi101

Andrella Feb 25th 2009 3:37pm

Not really sure, what to say, Speechless. ! |-)|-)|-)

Rebel Feb 25th 2009 3:55pm

Nice work!

666joshy666 Feb 25th 2009 5:26pm

DUUUDE! That was... AWSOME!

Michael2008 Feb 26th 2009 1:41pm

thnx these are such lovely comments
it means alot

iantimothy Feb 26th 2009 7:22pm


Michael2008 Feb 27th 2009 12:51pm

thnx ian i luv Bever creek!

SockEyeSalmon Feb 27th 2009 1:31pm

What can I say but...WOW!!!

Michael2008 Feb 27th 2009 3:43pm

thnx sockeye

potatoes63 Feb 27th 2009 9:02pm

AMAZING! but why is it so shaky?

Ursrut Feb 28th 2009 3:34am

Coool!! that is great!!!

Michael2008 Mar 1st 2009 7:55am

thnx. Shaky? not sure

I R Movies Mar 1st 2009 8:56am

i agree a total winner but shakey

JuliaPotter Mar 2nd 2009 3:15pm

Cracking creation! Wallace to the rescue!!!

fluffles the poodle Mar 2nd 2009 6:24pm

wow just wow a brilliant video in pretty much every way
so glad you won

Michael2008 Mar 3rd 2009 2:05pm


Sammy the lamb Mar 5th 2009 12:42pm

Who did the voice for wallace? It sounded just like him!

Michael2008 Mar 5th 2009 2:16pm

i did, but im not sure if it was that good but thnx alot;)

jellybeananimations Mar 7th 2009 4:33am

that was amazing!!! :O


JuliaPotter Mar 7th 2009 3:41pm

I could watch it over and over again and not be bored!:D

kld luvin kye Mar 8th 2009 4:55am

good one

Michael2008 Mar 8th 2009 5:55am

oh thanks so much

wolverine707 Mar 15th 2009 3:31pm


gromit99 Apr 4th 2009 12:50pm

you sounded just like ! Nice work! :)

Michael2008 Apr 7th 2009 3:56pm

i thought my impressions were rubbish but thnx

Nathan M Apr 24th 2009 6:27pm


sophie96 Apr 25th 2009 8:44am

I love the dramatic music at the start

gpea Apr 26th 2009 10:58am

love it!the voice for wallace is great,it sounds just like him.

Cozzer Jul 19th 2009 5:43am

Nice Green Screening

boo315 Jun 7th 2010 10:11am


Asa peters Aug 12th 2010 6:33am

great but you need to work on your models more and the quality was a bit bad

GromitToTheRescue Dec 2nd 2010 3:06pm

Fantastic Work Michael

Zoefish Aug 11th 2011 3:50pm


samazzah Nov 17th 2011 12:41am

omg that is like the real creaters of wallace and gromit u must be a true artist:O:D

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