xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - whack a ghost by Lozi101


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March 2nd 2009
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"my second stop motion animation - i used the wallace and gromit characters this was made to enter in the wallace and gromit creation of the month competition *i do not own the wallace and gromit theme tune or the characters*"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Mar 3rd 2009 11:57am

Brilliant :) love the part where Gromit is chasing the ghost!

Lozi101 Mar 3rd 2009 12:31pm

thanks katie :D

kld luvin kye Mar 3rd 2009 4:30pm

good ;)

fluffles the poodle Mar 4th 2009 10:51am

great animation!
I think you might win :D

I R Movies Mar 4th 2009 11:27am

the animations better than the models but they were still decent

Lozi101 Mar 4th 2009 11:44am

thanks :)

yeah im not very good at making the models but im pracvticing
they didnt have an armature, i only found out bout them after i made them

Purple&Brown Mar 4th 2009 2:53pm

great film, gromit looked a bit like bitzer :bitzer: <- I think that works?

Purple&Brown Mar 4th 2009 2:53pm


Lozi101 Mar 4th 2009 3:26pm

yeah he does look a bit like bitzer - i didnt have the right coloured plasticine lol

ninafrac Mar 4th 2009 4:30pm

Its cool check out mine.Mine is me and mymom!

Michael2008 Mar 5th 2009 2:14pm

pennyton hall lol vgood

nam man06 Mar 5th 2009 3:30pm


I R Movies Mar 6th 2009 11:26am

my tips would be
use newplast
and spend more time on your models ive spent 2 weeks on my
latest model

Lozi101 Mar 6th 2009 11:45am

it was only my second animation ive ever done though

gecko3997 Mar 7th 2009 8:34am

how do you get the voices in the film

Lozi101 Mar 7th 2009 10:52am

my dad bought me a microphone and i recorded all the sounds and voices (which is all my voice) lol

Windows Vista Mar 9th 2009 3:07am

Well done! That could just win...

DancingShauny99 Apr 3rd 2009 3:51pm


chees3gromit Apr 3rd 2009 6:00pm

good job Lozi! :D

wynd12314 Apr 4th 2009 2:45pm


wynd12314 Apr 4th 2009 2:47pm

Um yeah this is like a kids website DONT CURSE IN YOUR VIDEOS I mean you.. can use it sometimes BUT NOT ALWAYS!!!

trust me I know your adress and I can come and get you If I want

now :D......BACK OFF >:-)

BY the way wanna get married?

tjh Apr 6th 2009 10:38am


Fifi1997 Apr 7th 2009 3:22am

the modles was terrilbe but aother an
that it was good

kld luvin kye Apr 12th 2009 8:47pm

ur amazing lozi

Mp3charlie Apr 14th 2009 3:11pm

Lozi............GREAT! Love the end, is that supposed to make people jump?
Hey Lad?

crackingtoast Apr 19th 2009 1:23pm

brilliant! i love this!
and this is only you're second animation?
You must have animation in you're blood! i hope to see more from you soon:)

gromit99 Apr 21st 2009 12:31pm

good, congratulations for getting runner up but why is the sound in mono mode? :-(

sophie96 Apr 25th 2009 8:35am
sophie96 Apr 25th 2009 8:36am
ubblekrocks Apr 27th 2009 7:29pm

vreey good but you could work on the mouth

crackersboutclay Apr 29th 2009 4:01pm

pretty funny

Cozzer Jul 19th 2009 5:39am

Makes no sense without sound (my fault)

wallyfans Oct 26th 2009 5:11pm


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