xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Morphs 30th Birthday by conty


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November 17th 2007
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There are 34 comments about this creation.

Harry Nov 17th 2007 6:47am


Well Done, Clap Clap,

How Did You Do The Fire?

Clap Clap Clap


conty Nov 17th 2007 6:53am

it was my brothers birthday yesterday, so i borrowed one of his candles;)

orpansky Nov 17th 2007 7:42am

very good

wallace bobo Nov 17th 2007 10:27am

Its more than very good its brill:O

Mibso Nov 17th 2007 10:32am

Excellent! You've inspired me to do a morph

plasjas Nov 17th 2007 11:47am

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J-Snake Nov 17th 2007 1:07pm

Wow conty again a neather amazing model!!!

Modelmaker93 Nov 17th 2007 2:05pm

wow great on conor how tall is he?? oh yeah at the moment i am trying to make pink panther too yours is brill how old where you when you started pls pls tell me if you have any tips. my models are rubbish. How do you keep your models so smoove:)

conty Nov 17th 2007 2:09pm

thanks everyone:D
mibso im glad your inspired, make one its easy as you dont need to wire him and hes only six inches tall;)

conty Nov 17th 2007 2:24pm

modelmaker, i made my first 3d model when i was three years old which kinda shocked everyone as i was only supposed to make peas and sausages at that age

if i have any tips it would be not to rush, to make the models smooth lick your finger and just smooth it out, your models are not rubbish you just need to take more time, but im not a model maker and have tons to learn myself, but i will help you where i can, good luck with making a pink panther look forward to seeing him

Harry Nov 17th 2007 2:41pm

What Colours Do You Use For This And The Pink Panther

conty Nov 17th 2007 2:50pm

harry, i honestly dont know, i dont have a colour chart with the names of the colours and they dont say on the packet, when i order my newplast i just ask for a box of mixed colours
i didnt have the right colour though for the pink panther so i mixed a very pale pink and a bit of red to get the right colour, sorry i cant be more helpfull, i will have to ask for a colour chart on my next delivery

Harry Nov 17th 2007 4:37pm

Thats Ok,

Where Do You Get It Because My Mum Wants To Get A Pack For Me For Christmas.

Harry XD

conty Nov 17th 2007 4:51pm

newclay products ltd
1 battle road
heathfield industrial estate
newton abbot
devon TQ12 6RY

just found receipt my last batch was cheaper than i said, it was £26.61 for 20 500gms blocks in mixed colours, i dont think its allowed to give their phone number on here, but its easy to get the number from directorie enquiries

Harry Nov 17th 2007 5:22pm

So What Do I Have To Do To Get The 20 Colours?

conty Nov 17th 2007 5:36pm

mum said you just ring them up, she puts a check in the post (they dont take credit cards)for the amount that they tell you over the phone, and it arrives about 3-4 days after you post the check, its pritty quick
when mum orders it she just says that i want a selection of colours but to include 2 skin colours as you use more of them, oh and ask for a shade chart ready for your next order!!!!hope that helps

Go W&G Nov 17th 2007 11:55pm

thats certainly one of the best models i have ever seen!!!

conty Nov 18th 2007 3:45am

thankyou but i think my vicor is better :D

Harry Nov 18th 2007 4:26am

Thanyou Soo Much,

How Will I Get The Phone Number,

Email Me At chompcheese@hotmail.co.uk

When You See This Message Quickly Answer And Then I Will Edit It.


conty Nov 18th 2007 5:17am

i will send you it harry

Harry Nov 18th 2007 5:26am


Big Problem, EDIT MESSAGE Will Not Work

conty Nov 18th 2007 4:21pm

thankyou for the comments, i couldn't let his 30th birthday pass without wishing him a happy birthday, and he hasnt aged a bit!! he he;)

wendoline07 Nov 20th 2007 11:27am

it looks just like the real thing
i love morph
he's a legened

debeller Nov 20th 2007 1:52pm

great job conty

chewlips Nov 20th 2007 5:13pm

cool love it, looks like the original

conty Nov 22nd 2007 4:17pm

thanks everyone:D

connor-james-gorman Nov 24th 2007 7:23am

Great Model Conty

Mark the shark Nov 25th 2007 11:59am

INCREDIBLE! Just like the real thing! Although I've never seen Morph, I've seen pictures and this is great. But please, model someone from Flushed Away. Nobody has yet! Please?

Shaunthesheepfan1 Nov 29th 2007 11:56am


conty Dec 30th 2007 4:56am

thanks guys:D

Mark the shark Jan 12th 2008 12:55pm

Your still looking at this page on the 30th December. Conty, you don't give up on your old stuff too! Same here!;)

conty Jan 15th 2008 5:04pm

no, i still check on them every now and then, poor morph has had to go out to work in my animation, hes not looking so good now!!!;)

Chocachoc Jul 4th 2008 4:29pm

hi conty,

How is it only like 20 pounds for 20 blocks? in the art shop i go to it is 2 pounds per block. is it just really cheap there or do you get discounts?

Could you email me with the details please?

My e-mail address is Elizabeth.clarkie@gmail.com.

Thanks a lot, Chocachoc.

tiptopgolfy Dec 27th 2008 1:43pm

i cant make morph i have got the morph modelling kit but i cant pull the legs out of the placsticene

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