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April 26th 2009
4 out of 6 in 8 votes
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"Wallace and Gromit have gone to the beach. Instead of ice cream, Wallace eats a chunck of cheese with a flake in it."

There are 8 comments about this creation.

snowjoke Apr 27th 2009 9:31am

Excellent work of art!!!

nam man06 Apr 27th 2009 10:38am

ooh thats new gromits got a mouth!

EbilYak Apr 27th 2009 10:46am


Try to make it as a model for another time!

Lucyboo Apr 27th 2009 11:06am

Great work Gromit ;)

kld luvin kye Apr 28th 2009 1:36pm

nice drawing

fluffles the poodle May 10th 2009 6:09am

cool great ideas and nice use of colour:D

kld luvin kye May 12th 2009 6:53pm

hehe duggles73 ur a winner

duggles73 May 13th 2009 2:12pm

Thank you all for your comments - they're really nice. It was my first entry to the competition so chuffed to be a runner up. 8)

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