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May 29th 2009
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"this is my wallace and gromit grand day out lego form. it took me 90-110 legos"

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Terry T Jun 2nd 2009 12:43pm

Very nice, love the rocket! I would have made the moon out of yellow lego though, considering it's made of cheese.

Fifi1997 Jun 2nd 2009 3:51pm

Nice Lol

Creator 3000 Jun 3rd 2009 3:19pm

Cool! Gromit, the cooker and the rocket is wicked! I think Terry T is right about the moon though. It's great, all the same!

jeranimo Jun 15th 2009 12:47pm

thats awesome! Especiacially the cooker! how long did it take you to make?

kieran Jun 16th 2009 10:22am

surprising what a bit of Lego can do hey lad

miss walace Jul 9th 2009 3:46am

Did you buy a special Wallace and gro,it lego or did you just use any lego???

miss walace Jul 9th 2009 3:46am

but it looks great anyways!:D

liammustapha200 Jul 26th 2009 12:14pm

good lol.....

emile fox Aug 17th 2009 7:47am

very good

Inika_Unite77 Aug 23rd 2009 9:45am

I still get a kick out of looking at this, even though it's months old. You've inspired me to make my own W & G lego!

rowanj Aug 28th 2009 6:51am
W&GRule Sep 7th 2009 11:35am

Brilliant Work !

skalouis Oct 5th 2009 2:26pm

I LOVE IT:D>:-):

WAG215 Nov 22nd 2009 5:46pm

wow thaTS COOL

techno11 Jan 29th 2010 3:02pm

Great efort

homework Dec 20th 2010 10:40pm

how did you make it

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