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May 31st 2009
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"Piella & Fluffles made of plasticine by Hutch 24. I am 14 years old."

There are 64 comments about this creation.

peter kay is pc mac Jun 2nd 2009 11:28am

Excellent! :D

mr joe kidd Jun 2nd 2009 11:42am

a sure winner

crackingtoast Jun 2nd 2009 12:57pm

brilliant. how did to do the fur on fluffles,because i'm thinking of making a fluffles model for my film.

Purple&Brown Jun 2nd 2009 1:21pm

Amazing 6/6!! :D
Its got a great chance of winning this months competition!

I really like the pose you put piella in!;)

Michael2008 Jun 2nd 2009 2:13pm

wow thats so cool! winner 4 sure

sophie96 Jun 2nd 2009 2:29pm

OMG!! That is amazing!!!
It's perfect!!! 0:)

I wish I was as good as you!!!

6/6 easily!!

Fifi1997 Jun 2nd 2009 3:52pm

Wow Thats Brillant ! :O

cavor Jun 2nd 2009 6:12pm

Super brill!!.......when do you get your prize

hutch24 Jun 3rd 2009 4:02am

The fur is actually made of fleece... They sell metre length sheets of fluffy fleece at arts & craft shops. It's quite cheap!

hutch24 Jun 3rd 2009 4:03am

Thanks for all the good comments! And to "cavor" I dont even know if i've won yet.

jeranimo Jun 3rd 2009 1:06pm

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats immense. I especially like fluffles . easily a 6 from me

Creator 3000 Jun 3rd 2009 3:25pm

Great! Have you used cotton wool for Fluffles? They look like the real thing!

Terry T Jun 3rd 2009 4:01pm

Very nice models, are they animate able or just pure plasticine?

cavor Jun 4th 2009 11:30am

Well done hutch24 your're going to get a prize now!!

666joshy666 Jun 4th 2009 4:04pm

...:O Speachless.


You have inspired me! I feel like modelling again! 6/6! Absolutely stunning!

sophie96 Jun 5th 2009 12:54pm

you won!!!well done!!! you deserve it completely!!

crazy cazzy Jun 6th 2009 10:12am

:hutch:):brilliant i realy like fluffles looks like the real thing:D

DancingShauny99 Jun 6th 2009 7:20pm

That's brillant!
Great work!

hutch24 Jun 7th 2009 7:19am

Thanks to everyone. I can't believe I won! Yipee!!:D

Fifi1997 Jun 8th 2009 2:00pm

that is brill and i could look at it all day wow:O

from fifi and pasta:O

Inika_Unite77 Jun 10th 2009 3:02pm


tedphipps Jun 13th 2009 2:32am


tedphipps Jun 13th 2009 4:18am

you should work for aardman!

wallacewert Jun 13th 2009 10:53am

im very impressed ! amazing job!

Benny 123 Jun 13th 2009 3:00pm

Cheesetastic xxxx

ilkka Jun 15th 2009 8:21am

6/6!! nice!! ;):D

stoyan Jun 18th 2009 4:54am

Very good.

Gromit lad Jun 27th 2009 8:34pm

There is no other way to explain your winning! Your modeling is good as aardman productions itself. If I was there before the competion I would agree 6/6.

dahl Jun 29th 2009 6:50am

oh my golly gosh that is the best model i have ever seeeeeeen welldone but don't forget the crackers! 6/6!!!

Fifi1997 Jun 29th 2009 7:09am

That`s Reallly Good I Know I Normally Say That , But This Is Perfect So Well Done Really , You Ought To Be Very Pround Of What You`ve Done 6/6 Well Done .

rhys230399 Jun 30th 2009 11:57am

BRILIANT how long did it take to makr that

readers3 Jul 6th 2009 7:55am

that was my favorite

suzysuelovesyou Jul 8th 2009 1:22pm

that ones great!!!!!!!!!!!!1

miss walace Jul 9th 2009 4:22am

WOW did u do that all by yourself? you must be a pro!!!

nam man06 Jul 21st 2009 11:42am


captaincool Jul 24th 2009 6:30am

that would taken a long :Dtime but ;)that is so awsome and awsome and awsome i would deffenetley give you first prize for that plasticine models

BenGardner Jul 25th 2009 2:49am

I Love it !!!!!!
Well Done !!!!

Chloe1313 Jul 30th 2009 5:56pm

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done! xxxxx :D

Please Enter Aug 4th 2009 5:24pm

This won last month!!!Shouldnt be allowed!!!:-|

Gromit1994 Aug 7th 2009 9:26pm

Where do you buy the plasticine and eyes? I need those so badly!

rowan505 Aug 16th 2009 4:34am


Vidpal Aug 19th 2009 8:47am

well according to aardman they are just beads with pupils drawn on them

Sheephead818 Sep 4th 2009 4:00pm

Thats Well Good! How Long Did It Take??? XX

animator123 Sep 9th 2009 12:06am

Hi Hutch24,
I love animating but i am not so great at making the clay figures. So maybe we could team up. IF your interested, i would need something animatable with an armature in it and whatnot. Please contact me at harrisonsf9@gmail.com for details. Youre sculpting is amazing!! It's as good as the real thig!!
p.s. I'll be willing to pay you .

willywonka Sep 12th 2009 10:35am


W&GRule Sep 13th 2009 3:22am


roxysnoopy Oct 24th 2009 11:58am

fanfluftic (my new word made in thought of fluffles)

cartoonfan12 Nov 6th 2009 3:09pm

you have a lot of massag:Des!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

BrownRabbit Feb 14th 2010 7:17am


Asa peters Jul 13th 2010 2:36pm

wow you are very talented at modeling:O;):)javascript:ins(':D')

Asa peters Jul 13th 2010 2:40pm

grrrrr sorry for the weird writing on my comment above this comment(the computer went wrong).

jesusfreak247 Sep 21st 2010 5:03pm

why did you steal those from Aardman!?!!?

chicken lickin Oct 28th 2010 8:08am

oh my goodness these are so amazing, it's a shame they aren't made out of oven bake clay because then you could have kept them for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willis83n Feb 1st 2011 1:26pm

That is fantastic! Well done

w&g biggest fan ever May 2nd 2011 8:28am

Wow - how did you do that?

waldo15 May 12th 2011 1:17pm

vector:"oh yeah!"

bastyboy101 May 17th 2011 5:59pm


puppylove Jul 15th 2011 7:39pm

that looks like the aardman peaple did it:)your really talented;)

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 8:04pm


bubbles14 Aug 9th 2011 11:20am

i thought it was professional !!!!! :O

1flyingdog May 10th 2012 7:38pm

 my mouth was open for an hour when i saw that!

1flyingdog May 10th 2012 7:38pm

 my mouth was open for an hour when i saw that!

doakley Aug 4th 2012 8:02am

Wow! That looks proffesional!

Morph Master Jan 16th 2013 12:07pm

i have reported a message, and it hasn't gone away! What shall i do? Oh, and very good creation hutch24, very impressive!

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