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June 10th 2009
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"these are the first models i have made so they look quite rough"

There are 14 comments about this creation.

Fifi1997 Jun 12th 2009 11:08am


kld luvin kye Jun 13th 2009 5:55am

shut up fifi1997 thats not mint:'(:-(


Benny 123 Jun 13th 2009 2:49pm

Nice try xxxx

Benny 123 Jun 14th 2009 4:46am

by the way what does mint mean

w&g75 Jun 14th 2009 11:20am


ilkka Jun 15th 2009 8:22am
jeranimo Jun 15th 2009 12:50pm

they do look a bit rough:-( but thats amazing for your first try

COSSY16 Jun 16th 2009 6:10am

thanks for all the comments i am working on improved versions and eventually forming a short film so i will try and post my better models

gromit99 Jun 16th 2009 8:58am

Nice work for your fist go! (5/6 stars) HINT: I understand, jeranimo, it does look rough but COSSY16, if you keep workin' up a storm on Wallace & Gromit, It'll look exactly like the real things and will be a lot smoother at your last go. :)

cavor Jul 3rd 2009 2:50pm

COSSY16 super job getting runner up;)

W&GRule Oct 18th 2009 5:33am

good for first try!

W&GRule Oct 18th 2009 5:34am

Was that your first try making?

53Reid Mar 27th 2010 5:47pm

not to shabby, dude!;)

wubbby Jul 15th 2010 1:22pm


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