xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - a matter of loaf and death by egorthegreat


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June 26th 2009
4 out of 6 in 36 votes
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"local scarecrow trial"

There are 34 comments about this creation.

cavor Jun 30th 2009 5:45am

That's just super how tall is wallace!

dahl Jun 30th 2009 6:20am

wow is that real


dahl Jun 30th 2009 6:20am

wow is that real


gromit99 Jun 30th 2009 8:30am

Is that your house in the background? Good creation, though! :) (5/6 stars)

Oakes Jun 30th 2009 11:05am

Very good, however i spy with my bloodshot eye, A MISTAKE ON THE SIGN! IT SHOULD BE A MATTER OF LOAF AND DEATH! NOT OR DEATH! Apart from that, its gr8!

crackingtoast Jun 30th 2009 12:26pm

now that is absolutely brilliant! that's got to be a winner

Fifi1997 Jun 30th 2009 1:09pm


Gromit lad Jun 30th 2009 6:25pm

WAY BETTER THEN MY CREATION! Good luck, love it!

Benny 123 Jul 1st 2009 2:15pm


jordan Jul 1st 2009 4:10pm


egorthegreat Jul 1st 2009 4:24pm

info on wallace he stands well over 6'5" tall , and it out side my mums house. i took me and a friend well over 6 weeks to make.

thanks for your comments :D

ilkka Jul 2nd 2009 5:03am


Fifi1997 Jul 2nd 2009 9:09am

Grpmits arms are thin , but it`s a masterpeacie

Benny 123 Jul 2nd 2009 12:50pm

Why freaky jordan

JuliaPotter Jul 2nd 2009 2:38pm

Thats some big bread, seriously! Did you use real Chefs/bakers hats on them? I'll give that a 6/6

Benny 123 Jul 3rd 2009 3:42am


LufseN Jul 3rd 2009 12:36pm

wow! this might be a winner! ;)

cavor Jul 3rd 2009 2:39pm

Very good runner up well done:D

Benny 123 Jul 3rd 2009 4:01pm

It was a runner up i want to complain you should of won right how do i do this ah ive got it at least you were a runner up

Prestonfan713 Jul 5th 2009 8:05am

It's a starter to a real masterpiece!;)

Prestonfan713 Jul 5th 2009 10:10am


concon Jul 5th 2009 12:07pm


Prestonfan713 Jul 5th 2009 1:36pm

Is that real bread?:O

miss walace Jul 8th 2009 11:30am

WOW life size...:)

miss walace Jul 8th 2009 11:31am

did you do it ALL by yourself???

miss walace Jul 8th 2009 11:31am

it must have taken a long time...

YippieTottington Jul 15th 2009 2:42am


gromit99 Jul 19th 2009 9:02am

What did you make Wallace out of? Clay or Injected Plastic? :-|

rowan505 Aug 16th 2009 3:31am


roxysnoopy Oct 24th 2009 11:41am

cool i am gobsmacked!!!!:O

maiimey Dec 13th 2009 6:29am

lol Did you win the scarecrow thing? XD

edmond Jan 4th 2010 1:58pm


Ranstar Jan 14th 2010 2:23pm

whaere can you store something like that
its amazing:D

53Reid Feb 15th 2010 7:39pm


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