xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Hutch's Passion by Jamie Q


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September 22nd 2009
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"Short lip sync to the character of hutch from curse of the were rabbit, created for www.wallaceandgromit.com"

There are 29 comments about this creation.

Purple&Brown Sep 25th 2009 11:01am

This is a great lip sync.

But why have you posted it again?

Jamie Q Sep 25th 2009 11:26am

because it should be a winner. i created it for this site and its the best, so im posting it again so it might win

VincentAnimations01 Sep 25th 2009 12:17pm

Its good but don't get so big headed!:-|
With respect I have seen better, its certainly not the best I have ever seen!!:O

Gromits little bro Sep 25th 2009 1:42pm

good but no need to post again and it is original not origional

Jamie Q Sep 26th 2009 11:06am

this is origional. ive not won before because i was too origional, so now i realted it to wallace and gromit. ive gotten nowhere before being modest and secretly bemused on how the best creation didnt win.

wallace&griffin Sep 26th 2009 2:00pm

geat job!

Clay Fighter Sep 26th 2009 10:10pm

i really liked this but c'mon dont be that way.
and you will probably not win because you posted ittwice!
you didnt win because that month there were better creations than yours!
its the luck of the draw depending how good other peoples crearions were that week.

Alexandermark Sep 28th 2009 7:59am

Very well animated

harryboy8080 Oct 1st 2009 8:11pm

BOOOOO!!!!!! i liked until some of your recent comments....

crackingtoast Oct 4th 2009 12:46pm

it is a very good animation test,yes,but jamie Q,saying it's the best and all that will get you nowhere and it's just bigheaded and makes you not very likeable. the best animators don't brag about there work,so why not you.

Jamie Q Oct 4th 2009 5:04pm

valid points, and dont worry im not big headed at all usually. its just i got very frustrated and being modest doesnt get you anywhere either. i admit to being a sore loser, but waisting all that time is annoying and i just let it out!

Clay Fighter Oct 5th 2009 4:31am

but it wasnt wasting time!!
because we have enjoyed it!:D

Jamie Q Oct 7th 2009 2:43pm

aww thanks very much mate

Vidpal Oct 9th 2009 11:34pm

i don't brag about mine i just hate being chewed out for how i do my art

crackingtoast Oct 11th 2009 5:58am

vidpal can you get over that. for expression,characters need eyes. that's it.

yeah,but jaime q,can i just say it's a great piece of animation

Jamie Q Oct 12th 2009 1:02pm

thanks crackingtoast!!

Clay Fighter Oct 15th 2009 5:33am

Congrats on getting commended!
you really did deserve it!

gromit99 Oct 17th 2009 9:39am

Good news, Jamie Q! I think you won on September's creations of the month!! :)

Jamie Q Oct 18th 2009 8:38am

hehe, thanks gromit99!! thanks clayfighter!
the comments you give make it all worth the time!! :D

mrmean Oct 21st 2009 11:49pm

that is so not fair you entered it twice and get rewarded?! y can't u just understand that your animation is NOT the best...
i'm disgusted! >:-)>:-)>:-)>:-)>:-)

mrmean Oct 21st 2009 11:49pm

1/6!!! :P

harryboy8080 Nov 7th 2009 7:54am

ya that's just plain rubbish Jamie!i liked it then i think your head filled up with air and you got MEAN!

saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:20pm
saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:20pm
saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:20pm
saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:20pm


saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:21pm


saycheesewallace123 Nov 10th 2009 8:21pm


wallace05 Jan 13th 2010 6:25am

i loved it.

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