xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - wallace and gromit christmas cake by 00Failure


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December 21st 2009
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"thought i'd turn my hands to something other than plasticine and create a wallace and gromit themed christmas cake. As Gromit struggles to put the 2nd ball in place, wallace already has the head in position with his new robotic arm. i now have ALOT of respect for the peole who do this for a living, is so much more difficult."

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Siro6 Jan 4th 2010 10:49am

I would put money on this winning the 'Top Bun' award! Well Done! ;)

malley2007 Jan 4th 2010 1:55pm

smashing cake

I love Bitzer Jan 4th 2010 2:43pm

Me too, siro6! That's a definately winner.....

Aardeej Jan 4th 2010 2:47pm

Brilliant! :D

00Failure Jan 4th 2010 4:21pm

thanks for everyones comments, very appreciated considering that its such a difficult medium to work in. hers some links to more pics...




PoisonIvy Jan 5th 2010 9:36pm

WOOAH! Those pictures are a little large!

But FANTASTIC creation! 6/6 from me and it's not often I do that. Well done and I hope you win :D

ojs7500 Jan 19th 2010 9:25am

that is good

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