xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Mrs. Mulch! by 666joshy666


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January 24th 2010
5 out of 6 in 23 votes
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"Here is my Mrs. Mulch! She took about 3 days to make! Enjoy!"

There are 28 comments about this creation.

LufseN Jan 25th 2010 3:13pm

GREAT! might be a winner!? :)

666joshy666 Jan 25th 2010 3:32pm

Thanks!! :D

Vidpal Jan 25th 2010 6:06pm

mom has a wart too

MotionMe Jan 25th 2010 7:06pm


666joshy666 Jan 26th 2010 11:55am

Cheers. :D

suzysuelovesyou Jan 26th 2010 1:25pm

oh wow that really good!;)

666joshy666 Jan 26th 2010 3:31pm


666joshy666 Jan 26th 2010 5:14pm

Only 3✭! Duuude!!! :'(

jazzejasper Jan 26th 2010 9:20pm

rated 6*!! Great work

666joshy666 Jan 27th 2010 2:00am


Aardeej Jan 27th 2010 11:34am

Great work! :D

666joshy666 Jan 27th 2010 2:42pm


wallacewert Jan 27th 2010 2:44pm

thats great

ShaunGromit Jan 28th 2010 2:14pm

definate winner:D

lanzal Jan 28th 2010 3:09pm

very good and it is sick man

damonkey Jan 28th 2010 3:40pm

OMG! That's amazing! It took you 3 days to make! I couldn't make that good in 3 days! It'd probably take me abut a year! :-(|):O:D

666joshy666 Jan 28th 2010 5:53pm

Cheers! :D

Olesya Jan 31st 2010 11:09am

wow, she's amazing

666joshy666 Jan 31st 2010 1:28pm

Thanks :D

gromit_x_shaun Feb 7th 2010 6:48am

This is amazing you should be really proud! did you have instructions or anything?

666joshy666 Feb 9th 2010 12:45pm

Thanks! I only worked from a picture. In total it took about 2 hours of work but I had to wait to get beads and then wait for the paint to dry. I am aiming to get a place in the Aardman modelling department or maybe in the animation department but I don't think I am good enough.

kldceltic Feb 12th 2010 2:06pm


ace you deserve to win joshy

Ursrut Feb 13th 2010 4:52am

Joshy FANTASTIC! 6/6!!!!

Gromits little bro Feb 13th 2010 11:02am


dog51 Feb 13th 2010 2:35pm


666joshy666 Feb 20th 2010 8:10am

Cheers guys!:D

Roosterlee Sep 5th 2010 8:51am


jesusfreak247 Nov 6th 2010 3:25pm

i could probably make it in 3 days... if i was the head of model making at aardman! dude that is awesome!

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