xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Happy Valentine's Day, Fluffles! by GromitxFluffles


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February 3rd 2010
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"I've been working on this for months and I think it's truly awesome that I've finally finished it just when St. Valentine's Day is around the corner. I'm actually quite proud of how this has turned out. I hope you like it. I own nothing. Copyright of these characters belongs to Nick Park and Aardman Animations."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Feb 4th 2010 7:29am

Cracking work GromitxFluffles, and at exactly the right time!

Aardeej Feb 4th 2010 7:42am

Wow - Great!

GromitxFluffles Feb 4th 2010 11:14am

Tee hee... Thanks!

MotionMe Feb 4th 2010 1:17pm

cool :D

mmasonghi studios Feb 4th 2010 4:15pm

good job I Like The Wall Papper design

GromitxFluffles Feb 4th 2010 6:04pm

Thanks! Do you think I'll win?

Clay Fighter Feb 6th 2010 4:40am

Great wallpaper and models!
where exactly is this?
in a romantic resturant?

GromitxFluffles Feb 6th 2010 6:05am

Clay Fighter, thank you.

I know the set is too big for it, but it's supposed to be the hall upstairs and Gromit has taken a bouquet of roses up to Fluffles' bedroom to give to her and then invites her downstairs for a romantic candle lit dinner.

Clay Fighter Feb 6th 2010 9:27pm

oh yeah, i see!
Thats cool!
good too see fluffles is still living with W&G !!

damonkey Feb 7th 2010 5:48am

Wow great set and models! Did you use an armature?

GromitxFluffles Feb 7th 2010 7:27am

damonkey, thank you!

No, I didn't use an armature, just a cardboard box.

dog51 Feb 12th 2010 4:16pm

Fluffles is cute!

Clay Fighter Feb 12th 2010 10:51pm

I think he meant armature for gromit and fluffles!

julio-99 Feb 16th 2010 12:01pm


boo315 Feb 18th 2010 2:57pm


fluffles the poodle Feb 23rd 2010 3:41pm

thats ammazing-fluffles looks brilliant -so much detail

liam2001 Apr 16th 2010 6:01am

be 666666666 666666666666666666666

Roosterlee Sep 5th 2010 8:49am

that really good:)

the wallaceandgromit fan Jul 28th 2011 7:21am
Zoefish Aug 11th 2011 4:30pm

Cute and adorable!!!

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