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April 5th 2010
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"This is my easter egg - I think my family perhaps take the decoration a little too far - needless to say he didn't get rolled! His body is a hard boiled egg, his head, wings and feet are all clay and he's painted with acrylic paint as it seems to stick best to eggs!"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 6th 2010 5:19am

Great use of the egg, well done! Did you and your family have an egg decorating competition or was it just for fun?

number Apr 6th 2010 6:41am

that is excellent! well done!

Gromits little bro Apr 6th 2010 6:50am


Gromit lad Apr 6th 2010 10:26am

Y do eggs have to rot.... this is really good, save some of the body pieces.... they look like they can re attach to a new body oncethe egg.... ;( ..... passes on....
!!!!! the rating!!!!! 9/6

lad(especially liked the glove)

goldfishy Apr 6th 2010 1:21pm

It's an unofficial contest really - my dad started it all because he couldn't just do an ordinary painted egg and out came the milliput and modelling tools! I am definately saving his head at least, maybe the rest too. I might just have to remake him entirely out of clay :-) Thank you all for your nice comments!

brasil matheus 100 Apr 6th 2010 7:07pm

sim muito bom

brasil matheus 100 Apr 6th 2010 7:09pm

hello eu sou do Brasil e gosto muito do e e gostei muito da arte

brasil matheus 100 Apr 6th 2010 7:10pm
mmasonghi studios Apr 6th 2010 8:57pm

Cool beans

Clay Fighter Apr 7th 2010 3:28am

haha we say that at school!!

Alexandermark Apr 7th 2010 1:03pm

My! That is cool;)

I love Bitzer Apr 8th 2010 9:14am

Fantastic! That is great work

Gromit lad Apr 8th 2010 8:10pm

OOH! Theres a way to soak an egg in something and the insides disappear, but the shell stays

Aardeej Apr 9th 2010 3:25pm

Very Good!

xannax Apr 10th 2010 4:21am

really cool!!!!:D

damonkey Apr 10th 2010 12:30pm


liam2001 Apr 12th 2010 3:36pm

wow fantastic you good be a artist:)

WallaceandGromitgirl1234 Apr 17th 2010 5:38am


toasty222 Apr 25th 2010 2:02pm


kldceltic May 7th 2010 5:40pm


SadieB May 10th 2010 6:44pm

I'm impressed Cousin and also still jealous you got to decorate an Egg on Easter and I didn't, although at least I didn't have to be humiliated having my felt tip penned egg next to your amazing thing!!! So good! majorly jealous!!! xx

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