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April 6th 2010
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"This is a "charaben" bento lunch I made featuring the fabulous Wallace and Gromit. In Japan a bento is a single portion packed lunch. Mom's often create cute or character lunches to entice their children into eating them. These are called Kyaraben or Charaben. Bento making has become a hobby to people all over the world, and you can find many blogs featuring some amazing bento creations. "

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Apr 8th 2010 11:06am

Wow - I've never seen anything like this before! What are Wallace & Gromit made out of?

mmasonghi studios Apr 8th 2010 12:48pm


kldceltic Apr 8th 2010 2:37pm


concon Apr 8th 2010 3:17pm


Gromit lad Apr 8th 2010 6:07pm

mmmmm, cheese........And a penguin!

Aardeej Apr 9th 2010 3:24pm


barby&alex Apr 10th 2010 11:04am

it looks very nice

duckclay Apr 10th 2010 11:26am
crackingtoast Apr 11th 2010 11:21am

That's awesome! Clever idea to get kids eating food. Japan's really ahead of it's time.

crackingtoast Apr 11th 2010 11:22am

By the way,Is Wakkace's tanktop made out of a Sushi roll? I love Sushi.

Clay Fighter Apr 12th 2010 5:35am

hha, Wakkace's tanktop Ct?ho's that ;)

I love Bitzer Apr 12th 2010 8:36am

Great! I think it's very yummy

xannax Apr 12th 2010 11:11am

thats really good!:D:-(|)

concon Apr 17th 2010 4:20pm

This will be a Top Bun award!

JBDoodles May 10th 2010 11:59am

Wow, thanks for all the nice comments everyone

katie: They are made out of turkey deli slices (technically they are Tofurkey, but turkey works too), cheese, and nori (seaweed sheets that are usually rolled up around sushi).

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