xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Family Reunion by xannax


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April 9th 2010
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"The main characters from all of the films made out of plasticine"

There are 31 comments about this creation.

kldceltic Apr 12th 2010 9:30am


Aardeej Apr 12th 2010 10:00am


I love Bitzer Apr 12th 2010 10:16am

Fantastic! That's really good!

Sananas Apr 12th 2010 10:54am

So well done!

xannax Apr 12th 2010 11:06am

thanx! :D

Sam P Apr 12th 2010 12:06pm


liam2001 Apr 12th 2010 12:38pm

will done its really good :)

liam2001 Apr 12th 2010 12:38pm

will done its really good :)

Richard89 Apr 12th 2010 1:27pm

that is genuinely cracking! I particularly like Shaun and the penguins hat is very funny!

wallace05 Apr 12th 2010 3:48pm


Clay Fighter Apr 12th 2010 9:53pm

Thats rreally great!!
But one thing!
wendoline is smaller and piella is bigger ;)

xannax Apr 13th 2010 2:42am

I made wendoline a bit too big!

WallaceandGromitgirl1234 Apr 16th 2010 10:52am

That is Brilliant!!!;)xannax that is amazing!!!!!:-(|)0:)

number Apr 25th 2010 2:58pm


Chelsie J May 2nd 2010 7:12am

As wallace would say you did a smaashing job well done lad or lass

xannax May 2nd 2010 9:30am

thank you for all your nice comments!:D

tbone13 May 2nd 2010 5:18pm
gromit go for him May 4th 2010 12:59pm


gromit go for him May 4th 2010 12:59pm

lol chelsie j

Clay Fighter May 15th 2010 2:46am

congrast!! you won!!

Tonis12 May 23rd 2010 10:47pm


lanzal Aug 28th 2010 10:56am

:wallace:D3:graet t;)hing here you have talent:wallace2:

xannax Sep 7th 2010 2:00pm


chicken lickin Feb 12th 2011 4:31am

wow super work

douglas_hair Feb 19th 2011 5:21pm

Gromit looks perfect well done! however I can't say I'm too keen on the others

dont shoot me feathers mcgraw Feb 23rd 2011 11:25am

great work but could you probably work on wallace's and lady tottington's teeth,apart from that well done.

candybabe16 May 2nd 2011 1:01am
the wallaceandgromit fan Jul 5th 2011 3:22am
Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 7:59pm


doakley Jul 30th 2011 6:53am

I like your Gromit.

LoveShaun19 May 2nd 2012 3:43am

This is great.

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