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June 10th 2010
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"A polymer clay model, all colored clay (no painting) Wallace will be coming soon."

There are 19 comments about this creation.

altergromit Jun 11th 2010 8:18am

WOW! ...Cute Gromit, lovely!!!... :D

Clay Fighter Jun 11th 2010 10:00am


mmasonghi studios Jun 11th 2010 12:03pm


shaun the lamb Jun 12th 2010 2:54am

Fantastic! Well done!

kldceltic Jun 12th 2010 5:53pm


Gromit lad Jun 13th 2010 1:16pm

the book look like it took some time! Lol, great creation.............. and reclyning chair!

lad (voting is fun, but sadly no comment this time.......... wait a second!)

katie   (Aardman Staff) Jun 14th 2010 6:05am

WOW, this is wonderful, well done!!

lozzenge Jun 19th 2010 9:31am

WOW! well DONE!

ShaunGromit Jun 22nd 2010 1:00am

O think ur gonna win :)

Dumbchild Jun 24th 2010 8:38pm


ShaunGromit Jul 2nd 2010 2:21pm

I knew you were going to win!

TheCafeArtist Jul 4th 2010 3:31am

thank you everyone!

TAGMAN1005 Jul 4th 2010 7:55pm

Very Cool.;)

crackers45 Jul 9th 2010 9:34am

WOW!!! Thats good! AND i have a gromit tie with the same picture!!

wubbby Jul 15th 2010 1:04pm


kldceltic Jul 17th 2010 5:44pm

he did win;):D

Roosterlee Sep 5th 2010 8:07am

Wow Thats really good !
How long did that take?

edster528 Nov 4th 2010 5:27pm

WOW!!! Lov:Oe the mode:)ls bet the book took ages!!!! :D

edster528 Nov 4th 2010 5:28pm

I mean i bet the book took ages and i love your models!!!:O

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