xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace and Grommit by tashd8on


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July 26th 2010
6 out of 6 in 36 votes
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"Another recreation of our 2 favourite heros"

There are 41 comments about this creation.

Gromit lad Jul 27th 2010 12:29pm

great detail!



Nathan M Jul 27th 2010 2:29pm

6/6 awesome!

mmasonghi studios Jul 27th 2010 3:02pm

Great Detail On Wallace's Sweater

ShaunGromit Jul 27th 2010 8:51pm

This has got WINNER written all over it.!

shaun the lamb Jul 28th 2010 7:31am


number Jul 28th 2010 2:57pm

Great work! (:

kldceltic Jul 29th 2010 7:22am


edmond Jul 30th 2010 9:36am

really good. shame i cant do that:'(

zevobh Jul 30th 2010 11:29am

love the vest!

Jum Aug 2nd 2010 6:06pm

100/100 Fantastic!

kldceltic Aug 3rd 2010 1:14pm

first place how could you do it:D:);)

ShaunGromit Aug 3rd 2010 6:21pm

Yes! Second time i've predicted the winner correctly!

Well done!

TAGMAN1005 Aug 5th 2010 11:51pm

That's Wicked!:O:)

crackers45 Aug 6th 2010 9:08pm

Great and congrats on getting 1st place and winning!:):D;)
Grand job lad! Lets get the kettle on for you.

tashd8on Aug 11th 2010 9:13am

Wow!! I can't beleive it!
Thank you everyone for your awesome comments

dog51 Aug 28th 2010 5:04pm


AllieS Aug 28th 2010 8:56pm

well done! cracking piece of art there. 6/6 stars fantasticaly amazing!

Roosterlee Sep 5th 2010 6:58am

Thats amazing

gromitno1 Sep 11th 2010 10:10am


JoeBoy Sep 24th 2010 1:22pm

Wow 10/10 well done :D

jesusfreak247 Oct 10th 2010 2:37pm

love the vest design. how tall are they?

Willis83n Feb 1st 2011 5:54pm

Brilliant! Gromit looks ace n the detail on wallace is spot on well done

Rbb Feb 27th 2011 1:01pm

this is amazing i think you should work with nick park well done!

1998 Mar 3rd 2011 5:30pm

how did u do it!

timdan Mar 13th 2011 2:44pm

Stunning! Detailed! True-to-Life! LOOOVE it :)

w&g biggest fan ever May 3rd 2011 11:59am

This is so cool - you so deserve it!!!!

evastar7 Jul 22nd 2011 12:02pm

wow thats good it looks really in detil well done ! :D

cab10 Jul 23rd 2011 6:55am

rubbish o/6:'(

evastar7 Jul 23rd 2011 8:31am

hi every one ! :D

evastar7 Jul 23rd 2011 8:34am
shortcake123 Jul 23rd 2011 8:35am

Very good! :)

shortcake123 Jul 23rd 2011 8:36am

hello Evastar7

evastar7 Jul 23rd 2011 2:21pm


Zoefish Aug 11th 2011 3:35pm

Amazing!!! :D

luck7 Jan 12th 2012 4:21pm


smashingcheese Mar 7th 2012 8:59pm

Cracking! 6/6!

snapjay Apr 28th 2012 1:52am


1flyingdog May 10th 2012 7:18pm


baker45 Aug 9th 2012 9:09am
Devi Fitri Krisrera Nov 7th 2012 7:32am

Hehe, cute Gromit! 6/6

CrackerCheeseLover Jul 5th 2013 6:44pm

Great job

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