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September 11th 2010
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"While the duo a both sharing a cuppa on a nice evening, I have included many objects from the past Wallace and Gromit short films and from their feature film. "

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Sep 13th 2010 6:50am

Lovely work! I really like the references to the older films :)

abra Sep 15th 2010 2:40am

Thank you katie!!

abra Sep 19th 2010 6:18am

what can you spot in the picture? ;)

chicken lickin Sep 26th 2010 10:54am

i think that picture is really really good and i really do mean it!

crackers45 Sep 26th 2010 1:47pm

I love it when you drew no pictures in "Our Valued Clients".:DGoooood job!

chicken lickin Oct 4th 2010 11:53am

i still can't get over how good it is lol

abra Oct 4th 2010 5:16pm

thanks, i tried to include as much references to their past films:)

crackers45 Dec 15th 2010 9:07pm

i saw that you won the September awards

altergromit Jan 17th 2011 6:17pm

Very nice!! ...Nice details! ;):D

Calls May 22nd 2011 3:32am

Looks great!

evastar7 Jul 23rd 2011 5:35am

very neat well done ! |-):):D:-|:O:-(:'(:-X8)0:)>:-)

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