xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - W&G Rocket for Noah by wendy waddles


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September 20th 2010
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"A cake for my son Noah's 3rd Birthday. Gromit, sorry about the flat nose... I had to use a chocolate covered Goji Berry... my first time using fondont! :O)"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Sep 20th 2010 12:54pm

Wonderful! Did you use fruit pastilles for the rivets on the ship too? Nice touch!

mmasonghi studios Sep 20th 2010 3:07pm

Great Job!

colb Sep 20th 2010 3:43pm

WOW! Great job Wends - when did you get time to do that?? Respect!!! :)

Biblet Sep 20th 2010 4:03pm

Oooops I thought you had to press each star so it only registered as 1! I think the cake is super and it deserves a massive 6 with bells on.

ToreyJane Sep 20th 2010 4:15pm
sept12 Sep 20th 2010 4:29pm

I like it! i love the rivets on the rocket

Sandiman Sep 21st 2010 1:16am

Absolutely stunning!

Womble7 Sep 21st 2010 3:35am


Riaad Sep 21st 2010 4:18am

Ab Fab Creation!!

procoyo Sep 21st 2010 11:41am

This is amazing! :O

wendy waddles Sep 21st 2010 2:19pm

Thanks you guys! I had lots of fun making it.
The best part was seeing how much Noah LOVED it! He was sooooo very chuffed.
oh, and I used Jelly Tots for the rivets.

MandyTodd Sep 22nd 2010 7:26am

Its gorgeous! ;)

Max1 Sep 22nd 2010 1:55pm

The best rocket to the moon ever!

Popper1 Sep 22nd 2010 1:59pm

Fly me to the moon!

stelks Sep 22nd 2010 5:06pm

Now how cute is that, huh? Good idea, thanks!!

chicken lickin Sep 23rd 2010 11:12am

wow i think i might have a wallace and gromit birthday cake for my birthday to.

Monkeyluv Sep 23rd 2010 12:35pm

Wow Wendles Tis Gr8 love Worm Ted:-(|)

WormTed Sep 24th 2010 4:37am

Hi Wendles, Hope u win with this FANTASTIC cake love Worm Ted XXXX0:)

DoomaHicky Sep 25th 2010 3:06am

Ahwe! Awesome!

wubbby Oct 3rd 2010 5:21pm

cool & great detale

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