xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - The get together by sootsy


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October 31st 2010
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"All the characters together all made by me out of plasticine"

There are 25 comments about this creation.

Ellie M   (Aardman Staff) Nov 1st 2010 7:58am

Wow Sootsy- great work! There's even a gnome! Which one is your favourite? |-)

JynxTitan Nov 1st 2010 12:51pm

Wow! :D That's awesome.

chicken lickin Nov 1st 2010 1:37pm

they are very good, you must have spent ages on them!

wallace05man Nov 1st 2010 1:46pm

howhoa :-||-):Dyou do great :D models :O great work :D:O:)
;) how long did it take :D for you to do them all together?>:-);)0:):-(|)|-)
anyway :) good work :O:D8):)>:-)

Ben5463 Nov 1st 2010 4:06pm
preston the robot dog Nov 2nd 2010 2:39pm

wow! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into that. Well done!

Asa peters Nov 3rd 2010 12:22pm

well done on winning

jesusfreak247 Nov 3rd 2010 5:36pm

3 stars?!?! you guys are chumps.

Hootmat Nov 4th 2010 1:54pm

That is an incredible amount of great models! You should be very proud!

You certainly deserved 1st place!

sootsy Nov 5th 2010 2:59pm

my favourite is the gnome!!!
these are all my models that i have done in a year i am nearly 13

sootsy Nov 5th 2010 3:03pm

opps!!!!!! wrong photo my grey rabbit on the top shoebox in the lefthand side has fallen over soz for the :rabbit::-|

sootsy Nov 5th 2010 3:09pm

although my favirote is the gnome i like the rabbit on victors head

chicken lickin Nov 17th 2010 1:35pm

These are all so good,i think they would have looked even better if you araged them on you kitchen floor or something because then we would be able to have a good look at them all, my favouite out of your work has to be totty, shes great and well done on winning.

Silpia Nov 23rd 2010 1:20pm


Silpia Nov 23rd 2010 1:20pm


sparkle0801 Feb 11th 2011 3:41pm
Thewrongtrousers Mar 7th 2011 7:05am

amazing work must have taken a long time ive done 1 just like it but its a bit rubbish

timdan Mar 13th 2011 2:35pm

LOVE it!!! Your Lady Tottington, your little bunnies. awesome work! :D

i love wallace and gromit Mar 29th 2011 7:46am


the wallaceandgromit fan Jul 5th 2011 2:36am

is very good !!!

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 7:58pm

Cool!!! I like all the chracters in this!

w&g biggest fan ever Sep 4th 2011 10:13am

That is one of the best winners i've seen!
How did you make all these?

mrowleyhill Sep 5th 2011 3:47am

i love it

maiconls Sep 17th 2012 7:27pm

Congratulations friend many dolls together showing all the cool characters from the series Wallace and Gom

Morph Master Jan 12th 2013 10:32am

wow! are they made of newplast? my favourite is mr. mulch.

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