xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace in his Techno Trousers! by preston the robot dog


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November 2nd 2010
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"This is my first attempt at making Wallace."

There are 13 comments about this creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Nov 3rd 2010 10:19am

This is great! I love the detail on the trousers - are they little edible cake decorations?

preston the robot dog Nov 3rd 2010 12:12pm

Yes thats exactly what they are! I had to resist eating them as I made him!

dvd Nov 3rd 2010 12:18pm

cool !

chicken lickin Nov 3rd 2010 12:58pm

nice work preston the robot dog

cavor Nov 3rd 2010 2:47pm

Super job preston the robot dog!! Looks like have trousers will travel:D

jesusfreak247 Nov 3rd 2010 5:14pm

this is great! but just a little constructive critiscism, i'd make his cheeks wider.

preston the robot dog Nov 4th 2010 3:37am

thanks for all your comments everyone!

lilly1355 Nov 4th 2010 12:04pm

It's sooooooooo good!

Tommy TT Nov 4th 2010 12:53pm


iloveanimation Dec 4th 2010 12:24pm

This is the best one, i think it is truly great, his expression and body posture are spot on. Very impressed with the set and ya set dressing. Well done Preston :)

crackingcheese3000 Dec 4th 2010 12:47pm

fantastic pose! love the wall paper, very cheesy, and that's a good thing

preston the robot dog Dec 5th 2010 12:34pm


Ben5463 Dec 16th 2010 1:08pm

Congrats Runner Up!

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