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February 11th 2008
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"Well, I made this model out of plastacine. Took quite a while, especially on the face. Enjoy! Hope ya like it. . ."

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Harry Feb 11th 2008 1:49pm

Whoaa, Well Done, This Is Great, Could Be Abit Cleaner!

Modelmaker93 Feb 11th 2008 2:08pm

wow great model Like Harry said try to keep them a bit cleaner the face is always the trickesist for wallace you did a fantastic job tough. Keep up the good work hope to see more models from you

frangipanilover Feb 12th 2008 12:26am

That's really good! It could be a bit smoother and cleaner, like the others said, but other that that, its a real winner! Keep it up!;)

conty Feb 12th 2008 3:24am

well done iss, great wallace, are you going to do a gromit too;)

Mark the shark Feb 12th 2008 9:42am

Wow! Great! Maybe smoothen it out a wee bit but other that, good!;)

purple and brown Feb 14th 2008 12:00pm

"yea":D good job:D

Michael2007 Feb 14th 2008 5:50pm

brilliant, have you thought about using beads for the eyes?

666joshy666 Feb 16th 2008 4:50pm

hello michael2007! haven't seen you in ages! have you posted any creations lately?:D

666joshy666 Feb 16th 2008 4:50pm

oh yeah and great model iss!:D

FiveSmallStones Feb 19th 2008 5:15pm

good job! but wheres gromit?:D

conty Mar 6th 2008 1:18pm

well done on runner up iss!!!!:D

Mark the shark Mar 6th 2008 3:08pm

Great job on running-up! WAHOO!!!;)

Leentje Mar 7th 2008 12:37pm

Congratulations from the other runner-up!;)

53Reid Apr 11th 2008 5:58pm

gromit3:Wow! wonderful job!

stacy kiss 93 Apr 21st 2008 1:39pm


Zuzia Wicek May 2nd 2008 4:29am


crackers45 Aug 8th 2010 9:23am

Cool modle. Mine always fall to pieces:'(

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