xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Tottie shows love with carrots by Duchamp42


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February 13th 2008
5 out of 6 in 25 votes
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"Valentine's wishes from Lady Tottington."

There are 29 comments about this creation.

purple and brown Feb 13th 2008 2:02pm

lol "it b:Oetter be for wallace"lol great jo

rastophulus Feb 13th 2008 2:06pm

Lol! That's brilliant!

Leentje Feb 13th 2008 2:25pm


Modelmaker93 Feb 13th 2008 2:49pm


Duchamp42 Feb 13th 2008 3:01pm

lol purple and brown. It might be for Wallace, but Tottie loves everyone. ;P

conty Feb 13th 2008 4:26pm

great drawing!!!!!!!;)

rsl Feb 14th 2008 2:51am

tath's a nice project;)

Joruus Feb 14th 2008 12:09pm


dachappell Feb 14th 2008 12:15pm

Very classy.
Just the sort of client we should be dealing with, aye lad.
looks gr8.:)

Harry Feb 14th 2008 1:22pm

have i not said cracking job yet, well i certanly need 2, so WELL DONE!

Duchamp42 Feb 16th 2008 12:32am

everyone's so positive on here. I love that. :D

gromitlove Feb 16th 2008 9:46pm

Beautiful sketch! She looks so 19th-century!

anti-pesto Feb 18th 2008 4:40am

ahh! thanks Totty

Squish Feb 20th 2008 7:36pm


conty Mar 6th 2008 1:20pm

well done on winning first prize duchamp!!!!:D

Mark the shark Mar 6th 2008 2:12pm

You won first prize! Well done!!!!;)

gromitlove Mar 6th 2008 4:44pm


kokerbinner Mar 6th 2008 5:30pm


Duchamp42 Mar 6th 2008 9:19pm

Wow! I won? :O Yay! :D I can't friggin' believe it. I'm so excited. :D Thanks to everyone for their positive comments.

Leentje Mar 7th 2008 12:36pm

Congratulaions from a runner-up!!;)

Leentje Mar 7th 2008 12:36pm

Sorry i was too quick, congratulations!!

w&g rocks Mar 9th 2008 10:59am

wow. nice shading on the carrots. |-)

Shortaii Mar 9th 2008 2:13pm

Thats brill, wish i could draw like that.
That card must be for Wallace, lol x

Gromit88 Mar 9th 2008 3:51pm

Good work:)

ooptaestel Mar 25th 2008 2:33pm

THATS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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53Reid Apr 12th 2008 6:26pm

way to go!

ilovehutchaaw Sep 7th 2008 2:59pm

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! 6 OUT OF 6! |-):D

KitKat007 Dec 29th 2008 11:29am

LOL! i wobder who it's for? :-X

fluffles the poodle Feb 4th 2009 3:49pm

brilliant drawing and the carrot heart is fab

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