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February 11th 2011
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"Wallace repaired L.A.D (a robot in W&G WOI who assists Walllace) after a most shocking action by Gromit (pouring tea in the robots system which made him go 'crackers') Now the big battle is on... L.A.D seeks revenge and Gromit is ready for the rematch. Who would end up being Wallace's best friend or lad??"

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Ellie M   (Aardman Staff) Feb 14th 2011 11:45am

Great drawing Abra! LAD looks pretty dangerous here

Aardeej Feb 14th 2011 12:11pm


chicken lickin Feb 14th 2011 1:30pm


abra Feb 20th 2011 2:15am

thank you everyone :D

CrazyClub Feb 21st 2011 4:03pm

The L.A.D looks very bad and just annoying to see and why will gromit fight? We'll just have to wait and see... But by the way this is

Rbb Feb 22nd 2011 9:07am

Thats right good i wish i could draw like that!!!

cheesehead302 Feb 27th 2011 9:59pm

this is so awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for uploading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rbb Feb 28th 2011 2:12pm

The only improvement i would make is to make it a bit bolder but that it!!!!!!!!

Calls May 22nd 2011 3:35am

I think it looks great well done!

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 7:49pm

Epic win!!!

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