xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - wallace clay figure by capsty


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February 27th 2011
5 out of 6 in 104 votes
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"A 2-D clay figure thats flat."

There are 24 comments about this creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Feb 28th 2011 7:20am

Ooh interesting, I've never seen Wallace made like this before! I like how you've made his fingers and nose raised up from the rest of the model :)

Rbb Feb 28th 2011 1:32pm

I like this welldone!

popples Feb 28th 2011 5:14pm

I just love this artwork it is amazing like who wouldn't like it!

capsty Feb 28th 2011 5:55pm

i love my artwork - 6 stars !:

capsty Feb 28th 2011 5:57pm


capsty Feb 28th 2011 6:20pm

thanks katie ! you are very kind !

capsty Feb 28th 2011 6:24pm

thank you also rbb !

capsty Feb 28th 2011 6:26pm

you are awsome popples too !

QuackingTroll Mar 1st 2011 5:59am

How many votes??:O

chicken lickin Mar 1st 2011 11:45am

Job well done!

Connor Clairmont Mar 2nd 2011 6:00am

cool it is the best

capsty Mar 2nd 2011 2:05pm

dear quacking troll the awnser is 190.8)

capsty Mar 2nd 2011 2:06pm

does anyone know who won for feburary?

Connor Clairmont Mar 2nd 2011 5:20pm

u did not win yours is the best:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Connor Clairmont Mar 2nd 2011 5:21pm

vote on mine plaese:)

capsty Mar 4th 2011 10:11am

I will conner c. How about if you and I go on March 4th at 4:00? Awnser once you get this please.

capsty Mar 4th 2011 10:36am


Connor Clairmont Mar 7th 2011 2:22pm
Connor Clairmont Mar 7th 2011 2:22pm
capsty Mar 8th 2011 5:29am

What the heck...:O

capsty Mar 9th 2011 6:32pm

What does your creation look like?:D

Connor Clairmont Mar 20th 2011 5:06pm

dont hdhdhdjhdjdhdhdhdhhdhhdhdhdh

capsty Mar 24th 2011 4:53pm


Alex Tyler Racewear co uk Mar 5th 2015 12:08pm

lol please can u send me the file so can frame with art tools? 

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