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March 31st 2011
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"Something I haven't attempted in a while. :) I really like how she turned out in this pic. "

There are 41 comments about this creation.

Ellie M   (Aardman Staff) Mar 31st 2011 11:26am

Wow! I'm impressed! What software did you use to make this?

JynxTitan Mar 31st 2011 3:07pm

Thanks Ellie M. :D I used Gimp 2 To make this.

NeilK Mar 31st 2011 4:18pm

Beautiful drawing JynxTitan! :D

JynxTitan Mar 31st 2011 9:41pm

Thank you NeilK. :)

NeilK Apr 1st 2011 9:20am

You're welcome. ;)

kugromit Apr 3rd 2011 3:23pm
kugromit Apr 3rd 2011 3:24pm
kugromit Apr 3rd 2011 3:25pm


kugromit Apr 3rd 2011 3:33pm
altergromit Apr 5th 2011 7:10am

So cute, you know that!! ;)

JynxTitan Apr 9th 2011 12:33am

Thanks altergromit. :D

altergromit Apr 9th 2011 5:28am


JynxTitan Apr 9th 2011 9:43am

O__O WOW! It won?! Sweet! Big thanks, altergromit. :D

Claymy Apr 9th 2011 11:07am

Congratz, you deserve it

CrazyClub Apr 9th 2011 4:19pm

Are they still making W&G movies?

JynxTitan Apr 10th 2011 1:01am

Thank you Claymy! :D

digimondigimon Apr 11th 2011 2:42pm

it a good one:-X:-X>:-):-X

JynxTitan Apr 12th 2011 12:23am

Thanks digimondigimon. :D

kld loves wallace for eva Apr 15th 2011 8:46am

awesome so glad that you,ve won

Brianna48 Apr 19th 2011 4:51pm
Calls Apr 22nd 2011 4:13am

Im sure I saw this on the shaun the sheep website! Anyway it looks great!

JynxTitan Apr 22nd 2011 8:56am

Thanks again, everyone! :D

chicken lickin Apr 24th 2011 10:32am

this is super!

JynxTitan May 2nd 2011 12:46am

Thanks chicken lickin. :)

w&g biggest fan ever May 2nd 2011 8:16am

That is so cool - i'm trying to think of ideas to use for the next comp - got any ideas?

gromitred45 May 7th 2011 6:23am
gromitred45 May 7th 2011 6:23am



megan012 May 31st 2011 10:51am

cool pic

i love gromit 3 Jun 11th 2011 5:23pm

wow how on earth did u do that do tell did :wallace4:

i love gromit 3 Jun 11th 2011 5:24pm

:surprise::wallace1::surprise::wallace1::surprise::wallace1::surprise::wallace1::wallace1::surprise: that is so cool

i love gromit 3 Jun 12th 2011 10:41am

you ar ethe best drawer i have seen i love all your fluffles drawing they are the best eat your heart out leonardo da vinci!!!!!!

i love gromit 3 Jun 12th 2011 10:42am


JynxTitan Jun 17th 2011 1:50am

Many thanks, i love gromit 3, megan012, w&gbiggest fan ever, and gromitred45 :D

puppylove Jun 23rd 2011 8:12pm

:dude That is fabulous and since i dont have a better word than fabulous ill say it with bigger words F A B U L O U S:);)

Piggy199 Jul 1st 2011 10:18am

cool you deserved to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 7:56pm

Very cute and amazing!!!

the wallaceandgromit fan Jul 28th 2011 5:49am

good JynxTitan

fluffles the poodle Aug 1st 2011 10:17am

another beautiful drawing :) i love the use of light

izzy200028 Aug 15th 2011 12:17pm

wow that looks just likes fuffles :D

JynxTitan Oct 13th 2011 12:31am

Thanks Everyone. :D I'm glad you enjoyed this picture and the rest of my artwork.

doakley Jul 12th 2012 9:42am

How is the movie "A Matter of Loaf and Death"? Your Fluffles looks fantastic! I'm going to give it a shot, too!

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