xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Piella Bakewell by Gobble


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May 29th 2011
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"Yup, this took me a whole day of work! The movie was smashing, I had to paint a picture of this serial killer at the end!"

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Ellie M   (Aardman Staff) May 31st 2011 11:25am

Wow Gobble! This is excellent! What kind of paints did you use?

nam175 Jun 1st 2011 12:27am

wow!that may be seen in Wallace`s head

Gobble Jun 2nd 2011 6:17pm

Thank you everyone! I used acrylic paint:D

connorty Jun 4th 2011 8:05pm


Piggy199 Jun 5th 2011 3:14am

Wow well done for winning! :D

cheesy crust Jun 5th 2011 10:20am

congrats that looks amazing:D

Sniggles Jun 5th 2011 3:05pm

so good! especially the clouds in the back!

Calls Jun 7th 2011 3:41am

Wow it looks amazing well done!

Gobble Jun 10th 2011 7:41am

Thanks, I tried to make the clouds look as realistic as possible|-)

Nathan M Jun 10th 2011 11:44am

wow amazing :)

edmond Jun 12th 2011 4:47am

cool . very cool very very cool very very very cool :O

JynxTitan Jun 17th 2011 1:47am

Belated congrats for winning. :D

Gobble Jun 18th 2011 2:24am

Thank you! :D

Piggy199 Jul 1st 2011 6:12am

Well done!!!!!!!!!!! :D

the wallaceandgromit fan Jul 11th 2011 9:49am
puppylove Jul 15th 2011 7:10pm

gobble that is a word better than fantastic|-):)its REALLY GOOD!:D

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 7:12pm

Woah, This looks amazing!!!

mrowleyhill Aug 26th 2011 12:04pm
imagen Dec 17th 2011 5:14pm


TerCla10 Apr 23rd 2012 9:15pm

my new wallpaper!!!!

TerCla10 Apr 23rd 2012 9:17pm

love it!!! my cheeks hurt from smiling

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